Discs for Sale/Trade

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Trading for
R-Pro Hydras
Soft Banger GT's
Discraft Venom
Prodigy D1's
Discs are for Sale/Trade. Until I get prices up, if you see something you like, let me know. We can work something out.

Innova Echo Star Boss 175 Ink
Innova Dyed Star Boss 177 Ink
Discraft Z Avenger Club Stamp 175 Ink
Lat 64 Gold Line Halo 174 Ink
Discraft Z XL 176 No ink
Discraft X Buzzz 170 Ink
Innova Champion 5x Valkyrie 176 No Ink
Prodigy M1 178 Field Tested
Discraft Z Hornet 177 Bad Dye Job
Prodigy M3 X-out 178 Light Ink
Innova Champion Monarch 174 No Ink
Innova Champion Mamba 168 Ink
Discraft Ace Race 2012 (Zombie) 172 Ink
Discraft Ace Race 2013 (Mantis) 174 Ink
Discraft Limited Edition Z Nebula 176 Field Tested
Innova Star Vulcan 175 Heavy Ink
Discraft Z Nuke SS 168 Heavy Ink
Innova F2 Metal Flake Boss 174 Field Tested
Innova Pro Boss 176 No Ink
Innova Star Kite 175 Ink

Ryan R   January 12 at 8:01pm

interested in that HALO

alex m   January 13 at 1:09am

i have a couple d1's id b willin.to part with for the nebula

Brian Taylor   January 13 at 6:56am

Alex- can you send me pictures to brianandhisq@yahoo

Jordan N   February 14 at 11:48am

What do you want for the nebula?