Looking for bosses

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Trading for
nothing listed
Would like bosses under 173
Jeff Ponke   August 24 at 12:33am

People don't trade with this guy it's a waste of time!

Jessica Ferris   August 24 at 6:12am

I've traded several times with Matthew, never had problems

Jessica Ferris   August 24 at 6:13am

I've got two bosses, one at 173 and the other 176, both in good shape still

Dylan Pugh   August 24 at 1:33pm

I have a Low Profile, uniquely-stamped Boss. It says Riverside Drive 2010 on the front. 173g

Matt Newton   August 24 at 4:39pm

Traded with dude before, nay a prob. I have some Boss's bro, but that's my shizzle, naw say?! :) just though that foilks should know you're alright by me.

matthew bloom   August 24 at 9:38pm

tthanks. and can i get a pic of bossfrom Dylan and Jessica 2318838801

Jessica Ferris   August 24 at 9:56pm

I'll send in the morning. do you want a pic of both bosses or just the 173 one?

matthew bloom   August 24 at 10:19pm

both i guess