bunch of discs for trade!!!!!

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Trading for
looking for proto star stamp terns or worlds terns
first pic:
ESP flx avenger 9/10
ZERO pure 8.5/10
discraft elite pro MRX
barstamp dx gator
sec pic:
star roadrunner 9/10
first run teebird 8/10
star katana 8/10
preflight champion eagle color stamp 9/10

Jessica Ferris   August 1 at 11:42am

I'm interested in that eagle and teebird. Were there any other discs of mine you would like for them?

matthew bloom   August 1 at 11:45am

not really

isaac THE RHYNO MAN piper   August 3 at 10:29am

want that star katana and the pure wat you champion roc for katana and champio orc for pure tye dye champion boss for both

Joel Wesseling   August 4 at 1:46pm

I have an unused Worlds Tern that I would trade for that Gator and Teebird or Eagle. Is the Eagle 12x?