Interesting color on this Star Leopard. Won as a free disc from the bins at Memoriam 2012, thanks to Black Ace Disc Golf.

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Trading for
Will trade. I collect only new/unused discs. Looking for CE, 11x rarities, and Innova star stamped. Will trade multiple of my discs for one of yours if you have something good. I prefer to sell and buy, rather than trade though - as that seems easier to come to a solid agreement.
My discs are available through a page I set up with a PayPal BUY-IT-NOW button for each disc. They are generally first come, first served.
Ryan Banks   June 17, 2013 at 1:03am

I got a beauty of a 171g C.E. TL.... Let me know if you still have this leopard and some other "starburst" star innova plastic!