Zeppelin's Present Haunt at the Hangar IV

Sunday, October 19, 2014 at Wingfoot Lake State Park in Suffield, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

2 rounds plus final 9 Ace fund included,$5. trophy plus cash for 1st in am divisions cash no trophy for 2-5 r ... more
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justin worrell    8 hours ago

Wat time it start let me know and I'm down to play put me in the open please thanks

Jay Kovach   6 hours ago


Mike Gastin    8 hours ago

Mike gastin 22824 open please!


Jay Kovach    2 days ago

Cash money, you could win some.

Nick Bacon   18 hours ago

any trophies this year?

Jay Kovach   5 hours ago

working on it some glass see how it turns out

Justin Pecek    2 days ago

Haven't played this course yet!! Fairly new to this sport, playing since april but catching on quick. Wondering if anybody would have the time to play a couple rounds this sunday at wingfoot with me??

Jay Kovach   2 days ago

Sunday at ten is when we are usually there you can play with the group no problem

Jay Kovach    5 days ago

Once again cash tournament get some of what you put in the go buy whatever plastic you want. We have the lodge any clubs with plastic or any Disc golfers bring your disc's and let's have a discapalooza sale. Corn hole boards are always in the lodge. Any questions ask


Kris Keyes    5 days ago

Put me on Intermediate

Jay Kovach   5 days ago

There's a man who likes cash

Kris Keyes   4 days ago

Haha. I haven't played a tourney since like March I think. Haven't played a lot. Took like a +7 on Dover Red tees today ha

Jay Kovach   3 days ago

got a few days to get the motion back

Adam Woodward    6 days ago

Work beckons... I'm out. Please remove me from the list.

Jay Kovach   6 days ago


Todd Mittlestead    September 24 at 9:26am

Is there a player pack for rec? I

Jay Kovach   7 days ago

2 rounds plus final 9 Ace fund included,$5. trophy plus cash for 1st in am divisions cash no trophy for 2-5 rec division trophy only 1-5th and cash for only first. $100 added to open field need ten plus pros. Small Club small funds sorry no final 9 for rec or mm 1 or women divisions. $5 to Club fun ... more

Matthew Pilch    September 23 at 8:35pm

Matt Pilch 43657 Open pleeease

Jay Kovach   September 23 at 9:17pm

got you but your pdga number isn't linked 4 some reason

Adam Woodward   September 23 at 9:50pm

Nope! Take him off the list...he is not allowed to play!

Brian Shega    September 22 at 4:53pm

Brian Shega AM2 52259

Jay Kovach   September 22 at 5:04pm

got it

Jay Kovach    September 22 at 1:22pm

Cash, cash, cash how do you spell it c a s h win some if you don't have some.


Rich Sveda Jr    September 16 at 4:41pm

Me...am 2


Steven Cain    September 16 at 1:14pm

Steven Cain #55893, Am2. Thanks Jay!

Jay Kovach   September 16 at 1:46pm

I'd wager some money on you in this division at the foot

Steven Cain   September 18 at 8:07am

It just depends on how I'm playing that day really

adam deford   3 days ago

I'll take that bet jay... how much???

Matthew Karthan    September 16 at 11:43am

Matthew Karthan #66858 Intermediate


Jay Kovach    September 14 at 11:44am

Info updated


Jason Parsons    September 13 at 8:53pm

Jason Parsons AM2 18162

Jay Kovach   September 14 at 11:30am

This is more then likely turning into a cash event without pdga if that matters to you.

Jay Kovach    September 3 at 10:18am

Next idea is to go non pdga cash payout all divisions some here some there any thoughts?

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Jason Parsons   September 13 at 8:53pm

Count me in!!!!!

Adam Woodward   September 15 at 10:49am

Cash only

Jay Kovach   September 16 at 11:00am

cash only

Adam Woodward    August 28 at 5:23pm

Woodward MP0 #50328


Jay Kovach    August 22 at 11:01am

Hoodie graphics are posted Thanks Scott Campbell


Jay Kovach    August 22 at 9:13am

Hoodie sizes if your coming and it must be paid in advance your entry to get the player pack shirts done in time.


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