Very Pirate Discraft Ace Race

Saturday, August 2, 2014 at Water Works Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan
Ace Race

About this tournament

Discraft Ace Race $25 entry fee for all players.. Reg will close roughly 2 weeks before tourney not extra packages will be purchased... So make sure you reg early...
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Trevor Hadden    2 days ago



Robert Shaffer    2 days ago

Order is all placed no more can be order. thanks for the great support see you all in 2 weeks. CHAAAA!! please comment on this post to have yourself linked... Also Barnett, Sherpa and Floyd,, PLease list the other players i have you guys listed for and i will switch those out...

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Robert Shaffer   2 days ago

got ya both thanks

Floyd Hampp   19 hours ago

"one of Floyd's people" makes me sound very influential. those that know me, know I am not. please link with 58027 for me. :)

Floyd Hampp   19 hours ago

another one of my people, Ryan Keesey, is just going to take the pack. he has wrist surgery scheduled and cannot play.

Wade Calvert    2 days ago

Hey Schaffer I gave you $25 on Friday for the ace race and don't see me under reg. pdga #45212


Paul Bunko    6 days ago

No chance to sign up this morning?

Jesse Cahill   6 days ago

sometime yesterday or the day prior was the deadline I think

Robert Shaffer    July 15 at 10:31pm

Ok you pirates... Signup will stay open till i get home from work tomorrow then order will be placed and no extras will be order.. So make sure you dont miss out... CHAAAAA!!!!!


Brian Crouch    July 15 at 4:06pm

The disc has been announced and it's a driver that's supposed to be like an avenger ss. So much for a buzzzOS

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samuel smith   7 days ago

if they made a flat top drone i might like it

Brian Crouch   7 days ago

sam do you know when they're supposed to release the buzzzOS

samuel smith   7 days ago

nope hopefully soon the crank test discs came out like a month prior so hopefully soon

Robert Shaffer    July 15 at 11:08am

Last day to reg.. Signup closes at midnight tonight


Robert Shaffer    July 12 at 9:37pm

Only 3 days left to pay.. signup ends July 15... Don't miss out.. many more cash paid players to still add... Chaaaa!!!!


Brian Crouch    July 10 at 10:50pm

anyone know what the disc is gonna be?

Hunter S. Dotson   July 11 at 8:17am

Not yet. Being that our's is one of the first no one will know until damn close to the event.

samuel smith   July 11 at 10:01am

buzzz os please

Abby Calhoun    July 9 at 12:38pm

I don't know if it makes a difference, but could you link my registered name with my DGS profile? PDGA #42211

Robert Shaffer   7 days ago

ill get them linked after i order.. its helping me keep who paid who seperate

Jesse Cahill    July 9 at 12:32pm

You probably owe me for something.... put me in ;-) yay no more working saturdays come August!!!


Robert Shaffer    July 4 at 9:33am

Only 12 days left to register.. reg can be done thur here on mail payments too 9034 cardwell Livonia.. payments must be in my hand by end of day July 15.. any other info u can pm me or Gabe Dotson on here.. cha


Hunter S. Dotson    June 10 at 4:26pm

Oh yeah, Sean's ace is still on the Ace Race home page..

Sean Newland   June 11 at 2:18pm


Hunter S. Dotson    June 10 at 4:24pm

A few short months away and we get to play.!!


Ben Ross    April 17 at 8:36pm

Oh snap!


Hunter S. Dotson    April 17 at 2:44pm

Aweeeee ****..


Cody scott    April 17 at 1:20pm

count me in! can I drop off my money at the throw shop?

Robert Shaffer   May 15 at 6:43pm

sorry cody .. 24 chains league is where u can drop off money we will be at lakeshore this week

Cody scott   May 16 at 4:41pm


Robert Shaffer    March 22 at 4:46pm

Registation is open here on the scene or i will take cash whenever u can find me


Brian Crouch    March 22 at 4:11pm

I'm totally down!


Timmy Redman    March 21 at 10:32pm

im in