Turkey Open

Saturday, November 1, 2014 at Sunnybrook in Sterling Heights, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

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John Minicuci    13 hours ago

The 2014 Turkey Open will be played on a new course at Sunnybrook. 17 of the baskets are in the same positions as they had been and we will have 1 new basket location. The new tee pad locations are an attempt to shorten up the course. The long tee course used to measure 12,533 feet and the short course measured a mere 8912 feet. With a little thought consideration to most people's shoulders we thought we would pare the course down a bit. For this event, and maybe the future course if it is recei ... more

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Jay B INSANITY DGC   1 hour ago

Jeez jeff isnt playing on a course almost 12000 ft hard enough?!??! Thats one thing im definitely not voting yes for, put your fairway or ob in YOUR pipe and smoke it or save it for stony lol

Jay B INSANITY DGC   1 hour ago

even after playing with an elbow injury this summer that may never go away i can say i agree also that its kinda disappointing to see that much distance taken away from the course, so theres another nay...sorry to raise the number of votes against ya john

Jeff Bauman   1 hour ago

Course needs more trees and obsticles or ob/hazards lines from the super longs. Course would be ultra sick! Spray n prey on every hole gets old.

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan    October 4 at 7:26pm

All cash payout? Player pack?

Douglas Fresh   October 4 at 8:59pm

Cash payout in open, as always. No player pack.

John Minicuci   October 4 at 9:43pm

Cash for Opne only, just as Doug says. No players pack' it is non sanctioned. It is also, always a great time.

Chris Leo   October 5 at 3:45pm

You don't want miss this event!


Stephen Corcoran    September 18 at 6:22pm

Question, the tourney is $60 per team correct? When I go to register, it wants to charge me $60 per person on my team. Is that correct?

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Stephen Corcoran   September 29 at 11:02am

Thank you

Stephen Corcoran   September 29 at 11:03am

Traveling from Wisconsin to play

John Minicuci   October 3 at 9:14pm

Wisconsin! That's awesome! I hear they make cheese up there somewhere. No, just kidding. My mom and dad got relocated to Janesville before he retired. My mom hooked up with WPL while they were there. We hit the Dells, what a great place to vacation. Have a safe trip in!

Douglas Fresh    September 3 at 5:53pm

Gobble gobble mother effers

John Minicuci   October 3 at 9:12pm

It will soon be that time of the year! http://www.nwtf.org/audio/new/Gobbling.mp3