The Society of Zeppelins present HaNgOvEr @ the HaNgAr 5

Saturday, January 3, 2015 at Wingfoot Lake State Park in Suffield, Ohio
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

dubs this year half a decade of the Hangover 2 rounds 18 holes. Two rounds, bring one can good please, doubles ... more
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dan wu    3 days ago

Jay - I found a partner for the tourney: Jon Gensel #66434

Jay Kovach   2 days ago

got it

dan wu   2 days ago

thank you sir.

Andre T Hooks    5 days ago

Any open players looking for a partner?


Steve Newman    December 11 at 7:23am

Is this whole tourney on Saturday?

Jay Kovach   December 11 at 9:21am

Yes fixed that sorry

Steve Newman   December 11 at 10:46am

Thanks can you put Mike Marion and Steve Newman down for Rec please and Thank you

justin worrell    December 8 at 12:21pm

Hey jay put me down for open and is it 45 for a team or does each player on the team got to pay 45

Jay Kovach   December 8 at 12:53pm

per player, Ace fund icluded, booster for Ffft -2 and-3 to wingfoot Club, this Ave fund if not hit carries over to the tour. Thanks let's have a good time.

dan wu    November 26 at 8:13am

I'm down to play this event, does anyone need a partner ?

Jay Kovach   November 26 at 12:23pm

What division dan

dan wu   November 26 at 12:43pm

probably advanced sir

Don Thomas    October 28 at 8:54am

Jay, This is on Saturday 3 JAN, right? The Schedule on here shows Sunday 4 JAN. Just wanted to be sure because Sundays don't work for me. Thanks!

Jay Kovach   October 28 at 1:53pm


Don Thomas   October 28 at 2:03pm

Cool!!! Thx Jay!

Don Thomas    October 14 at 11:11am

Can we pay the day of the event?

Jay Kovach   October 14 at 11:26am

Yes you may.

Don Thomas   October 15 at 4:24pm

Cool, sign me (64288) and Mike Thomas (62435) in Intermediate.

Jay Kovach   October 15 at 5:13pm

team Thomas

Bill Vaughn    January 29 at 9:41pm

It seems inevitable that we are going to rotate courses to a certain extent at least from year to year. I'd rather you do it up the way you want, and if we can be a part of that, great. But this seems like it will be a solid stand-alone event.

Jay Kovach   January 30 at 5:52am

Cool we will be part of the ffft anytime the neo likes. If at anytime it doesn't want to jump on our first event we need half a year advance notice to get the lodge as it's usually rented.