The Birds and The Bees

Saturday, April 19, 2014 at Big Portage Lake in Grass Lake, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


The Birds and The Bees graphic
Director Jason Cassidy

About this tournament

This tournament will be an epic battle of the mid-ranges! The ever-popular Roc will go head-to-head with the versatile Buzzz!

Tournament format will be two singles rounds, both with one disc only. First round will be 18 holes with a Roc only, second round will be 18 holes with a Buzzz only. Player's pack for ALL divisions will include (1) tourney stamped Roc and (1) tourney stamped Buzzz, both to be used as your one discs during the tournament. You may also bring your own Roc and/or Buzzz to use during the rounds. Every player will have to check in the disc they are using before each round and will take only that disc with them during the round.

Entry fee for the AM division (General) is $35. Payouts will be 100% AMs. Pro payouts will be 100% of the cash remaining after stock costs for the player's pack discs have been accounted for. AM1s and Pros will play "Pro", all other AMs will play in "General".

A $200 ace bounty has been donated by BBN Finance for the tourney!! A mystery hole will be selected and everyone will be notified as to which hole that will be on the day of the event. Anyone who hits an ace on that hole will receive $200 in addition to any ace pool money they would win from being in the ace pool! If more than one ace is hit on that hole, then the money will be divided evenly.

There can only be one winner!! Will it be the Roc or the Buzzz?? All strokes will be added together at the end of each round and the mid-range with the fewest strokes will win and be crowned champion!

Tourney stamps have been posted under pictures!

More details to come...