The Battle of Manton

Saturday, May 10, 2014 at Wild Haven Disc Golf Resort in Manton, Michigan
Disc golf teams tournament


About this tournament

An additional $5 will be charged for day-of registration, so register early and save $$$.
Team Play Rules for The Battle of Manton
Before the start of play, all players will be divided into three pools based on how each player typically shoots a disc golf hole.
A Pool: if you typically shoot a 3 or a 2 on most disc golf holes. (Pro/Advanced)
B Pool: if you typically shoot a 4 or 5 on most disc golf holes (Intermediate/Recreational)
C Pool: if you typically shoot 6 or more on most disc golf holes. (Novice/Junior/Beginner)

Pre-Draft Shuffling:
Players will be put into one of these three pools at registration. Each team (Team Cadillac, Team Manton), will have a captain that will be designated at the start of the event. They can be from any pool. One the captains have been selected, some players may need to be relocated in an adjacent pool, so that each pool has an even number of players. Under no circumstances will an A pool player be moved to the C pool, or vice verse.

The Mercenary (Merc): if there are an odd number of players, one player, selected at random before the draft, becomes the Mercenary. This player’s team will not be determined until the play is done. The Merc cannot play in a group with either team captain, and this player should take great care to keep their final score unknown to either team captain. The merc is the only player responsible for keeping their own score on their own card, but they still have to announce their hole score at the completion of each hole to the other players in their group. Anyone playing in the group with the merc is prohibited from discussing that player’s performance with either captain.

Draft Order:
A flip of a disc will determine which captain gets to pick first in the first round of the draft; for each subsequent round, the captain picking first will alternate: C-M first round, M-C, second round, C-M third round, etc. Repeat this procedure until all players have been selected.

Draft Procedure:
Each captain will choose one player from the current pool. The captains start out picking from the C pool first until all players have been chosen from C pool before proceeding to the B pool, and all B players must be drafted before proceeding to the A pool.

Play Format:
The Team Challenge will consists of two rounds of 18 holes, played from the gold tees, witch a one hour break for lunch one the last scorecard from the first round is turned in. Play will follow standard PDGA rules, and any disputes must be resolved by the foursome in question. Provisional throws are always allowed and are strongly encouraged as a way to solve any scoring issues.

Determining the Winner:
Once all scores have been tallied, each team combines all their scores and calculates an average per player. The team with the lowest average score wins the Challenge.

Hiring the Mercenary: After the initial team averages are calculated, the team captains may bid on hiring the Merc to their team. The team with the highest average gets to open the bidding. The bids go back and forth until one team declines to outbid the other. The team that wins the bid gets to add the Merc’s score to their team total and a new average is calculated. Only when the Merc has been bought by one team or the other should their score be known to the other players.

Final Results

Round 1: Wild Haven Disc Golf Resort - Gold 18, 18 holes, par 58
1Josh Henry5757 / -1$50
1Mark Boring5757 / -1$50
3Michael Wildner6363 / +5
4Scott Lammers6464 / +6
5Bill Shupa Shoemaker6767 / +9