Team JDG 10 basket or under course Crush 9 courses in one day with chauffeur.

Sunday, April 20, 2014 at Boettler Park in Green, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

this event will be pre registration only as well as pre pay i will be renting a big ass A mish hauler to drive ... more
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brian a    April 27 at 12:36pm

link me up please [email redacted]

Jay Kovach   April 30 at 6:33am

I will get you on Brian I just have to get on the computer big as phone locks up.

Jay Kovach    April 27 at 8:31am

good fun thanks everyone for coming had a blast thanks for the patience in posting scores anyone need linked for the score let me know


brian a    April 22 at 7:43am

great day of golf guys. had a blast playing 5 new courses for me. andre was awesome all day , aaron collins killed the last two rounds . didnt expect to be on the lead card all day i hope it wasnt a fluke and i can compete with u guys again. lol

Jay Kovach   April 22 at 11:56am

I'm post scores soon out of town for work right now

Andre T Hooks    April 21 at 9:21pm

Do I have to send you the pics I took during tourney jay? In order to post them on tourney page?

Jay Kovach   April 21 at 10:01pm

I think you just tag it in your photo as tournament name

Rich Sveda Jr    April 20 at 10:55pm

76 holes crushed, way to go guys. Had an absolute blast. Great people, beautiful weather, amazing golf! Thanks Jay you've made the game so much more for so many.

Brian Shega   April 21 at 8:38am

Ageed! Thanks for making it happen jay. Cant wait till next years!

Brian Shega   April 21 at 8:38am


Andre T Hooks   April 21 at 12:05pm

love this tourney, but the older I get the worse I feel the day after!!

Jay Kovach    April 20 at 7:57am

Believe it or not! Jay got here first. ......


Jay Kovach    April 20 at 7:02am

One more spot on the van any takers


Jay Kovach    April 20 at 6:27am

Who's up for @90 holes on an easter Sunday?


Bill Vaughn    April 20 at 6:05am

Unfortunately ben bram is now out- god willing I will be there in couple hours with my brother...

Jay Kovach   April 20 at 6:24am

I heard going to miss the crushing

Jay Kovach    April 19 at 10:00pm

Van is ready for the morning disc golf all day


Rich Sveda Jr    April 19 at 11:00am

Anybody want me to bring a travel basket?

Jay Kovach   April 19 at 11:46am

No thanks tho

Rich Sveda Jr   April 19 at 1:30pm


Jay Kovach   April 19 at 8:10pm

No need and no room

Jay Kovach    April 18 at 4:56pm

Bus is full and wheels will go round and round Sunday easter 42014. You can still join in the fun you just have to car pool with someone or drive yourself


Bill Vaughn    April 18 at 3:52pm

jon vaughn, 10878- do we have space still or are we in "follow the bus" territory?

Jay Kovach   April 18 at 4:52pm

15 I think he be the last

Steven Cain    April 16 at 2:42pm

Hey, I think I will be able to go, how do I sign up?

Jay Kovach   April 16 at 3:35pm

Your in

Mitch G   April 17 at 12:52am


brian a    April 16 at 6:48am

my sons birthday party is friday instead of sunday day now. im a definite now. thanks for putting me on the list right away so i had a spot on the bus. appreciate it jay

Jay Kovach   April 16 at 7:57am

Sweet no problem

Mitch G    April 15 at 6:55pm



Jay Kovach    April 15 at 6:14pm

After the van is full anyone else is welcome to follow the bus.


Jay Kovach    April 15 at 6:13pm

Van is rented 15 passenger


Jay Kovach    April 15 at 7:43am

3 to 4 more spots


Rich Sveda Jr    April 14 at 11:11pm

Im down


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