Stone Cold

Sunday, November 9, 2014 at Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Township, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

The 13th annual Stone Cold - $400 added cash! This tourney has a small entry fee with a big payout. We wont ... more
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Jeff Bauman    November 9 at 7:01pm

Had a great time. Most tame weather we've ever had for this event. 44 and cloudy. about a 10 mph wind. Congrats to all the winners Herzog, Jay B and team DJ / Alex CTP's were so fat! Both were worth and easy $50 in merch plus $45 in cash (thanks for the donations Herzog and Chris Leo) Mike and Mike won the round 1 CTP and Tony Maccaroni took round 2. Ace pool throwoff was won by Shane Wyatt taking home $130 Thanks to our sponsors, Steinys Tavern, 7 Star Party Store, 7-11, ... more


Shane Wyatt    November 9 at 5:57pm

great tourney, awesome payout! thanks jeff


Jared Frost    November 9 at 4:48pm

Thanks for putting this on! Had a great time.


Jessica J    November 9 at 4:22pm

Sorry Jeff!! I didn't just bail after the tourney I was looking for a disc lol awesome day. Thanks

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Jeff Bauman   November 9 at 6:14pm

On was on his card. Tony Maccoroni. His disc was touching the bottom ring. You had a nice shot tho for sure. 1 foot away from the basket usually takes it. Next time!

Jeff Bauman   November 9 at 6:27pm

"I" was on his card not "on" :)

Jessica J   November 9 at 6:48pm

nice shot tony. lucky fu**er lmfao jk jk. yeah I'll get it next time. just curious :)

Tommy Mullin    November 8 at 11:42pm

Tommy Mullin #60336 Brandon Neal #56944 for doubles


steve sevonty    November 8 at 9:08pm

Would like to meet up after to get my shirt. I'll be coming from food field. How long will you be at stienys? Also I need a small/ petite shirt to make this look good

Douglas Fresh   November 8 at 9:40pm

Food field?

Jeff Bauman   November 8 at 10:20pm

I have wthe size you ordered sir. Should go great with that pink Archon.

Jeff Bauman   November 8 at 10:23pm

I told Steiny's wed be there around 2:30 till...?

DJ Robert Navarre    November 8 at 7:59pm

Is anyone registered for doubles?
It looked like just singles registered... Let me know.
DJ Disc Golf

Dj Hunt   November 8 at 10:10pm

There are 6-7 teams reged. it's the names under general.

Jeff Bauman   November 8 at 10:22pm

you can sign up for dubs without a partner.

Scott Ransley    November 8 at 7:13pm

Scott Ransley 37772 Open


John McAskin    November 8 at 5:20pm

Please remove from pre-reg. next year.


samuel smith    November 8 at 3:40pm

IIs it cash payout for the dubs

Dj Hunt   November 8 at 5:41pm


Zach Dillinger WPD    November 8 at 2:10pm

Please unreg Steven fox and zach Dillinger from doubles tomorrow. Will not be able to make it out now. Thanks and sorry.


Jeff Bauman    November 8 at 10:56am

This will be a REALLY REALLY good time to come up to Stony and pick up your 2014 league shirts for those of you who paid for one but haven't pick it up yet. I still have 10 left.


Jeff Bauman    November 8 at 10:51am

Only two am 2's? Tony & Bart scaring all the other baggers ... I mean players away? A little rematch action from Friday Night League finals for you guys.

Tony Vidal   November 8 at 10:52am

let's do it. seen Bart posting some pretty good scores. see you all tomorrow.

Tyler alfano    November 8 at 12:22am

Say something ...Is there any kind of players package for signing up. I'm thinking about playing am 2

Jeff Bauman   November 8 at 1:22am

nope no player package. CE Valk for the am 2 champ tho

Tyler alfano   November 8 at 11:08am

Is there cashless pre reg? If so if like to do am 2

Tyler alfano   November 8 at 11:08am

I'd like to do am 2

Parker Lovell    November 7 at 5:04pm

Are we playing hole 1 and 2 short then the rest long?

samuel smith   November 7 at 8:12pm

it says 18 holes longs

Jeff Bauman   November 8 at 1:38am

Yep longs

Jeff Bauman    November 7 at 3:03pm

Ok Jessica I got your back. The first 3 ladies to sign up will get a brand new black w white print Buzzz tee shirt thanks to our friends at Discraft. Boom!

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Tony Vidal   November 8 at 8:08am

Gonna be a nice wintery mix tomorrow ,this is going to be fun.

Jessica J   November 8 at 10:17am

its gonna be awesome!!! can't wait. any day any weather good to disc !

Jeff Bauman   November 8 at 10:24am

I see 44 and cloudy for sunday. Ill take that!

Jake Rogers    November 7 at 12:23pm

Jake Rogers 31318 Open


samuel smith    November 7 at 8:43am

please move me to doubles Sam smith and Jake pardo 61285 he's 845 rated in 976 thanks

Jay B   November 7 at 11:33am

Noice lol

Jake Pardo   November 7 at 3:15pm

Jay B don't make me get Dan Lee on you

Douglas Fresh   November 7 at 5:08pm

Bold move, my friend. Bold move

samuel smith    November 6 at 5:05pm

My pdga number is wrong its 49413 sorry


Jessica J    November 6 at 12:56pm

We have to be done before the game starts lol I can't miss football. But we need more ladies out!!!!!!!!! Please!!!! We need a full division! PS Jeff what happens if becky can't make it? If I still wanna play would my only option be to find someone to do doubles with?

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Becky Carlisle   November 7 at 9:44am

Sorry friends! Doesn't look like I'll be able to play. I'm having serious pain in my shoulder & neck. Jeff, let me know if I can come and support in any other way.

Jessica J   November 7 at 9:47am

Becky I really hope you feel better! my friend ashlee hasn't said anything yet so parker it might look like I'll be taking you up on your offer lol

Jeff Bauman   November 7 at 10:26am

Thanks Becky. Hope you feel better soon.

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