Southern Michigan Championship - Tournament of Champions

PDGA logoSaturday, September 27, 2014 at Stony Creek Metropark in Shelby Township, Michigan
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

This is a tournament that celebrates the more than 300 disc golf tournaments in 2014 in the State of Michigan ... more
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Joe Paczwa    8 minutes ago

Joe Paczwa 56534, AM1 Fly Open 9/21/14 Thank you


George Beno    2 hours ago

George Beno, Open 49225. Fishing for baskets, open


Matt Toy    6 hours ago

Matt Toy PDGA #18265 Quinvintational April 27, 2014 Plz and Thanks


Jeff Bauman    7 hours ago

I would advise ppl to definitely pre pay to make sure you get into this one! Cashless pre reg will not guarantee you a spot.


tim barham    8 hours ago

Tim Barham mpo 53332

im qualified.

Matt Toy   6 hours ago

State Champ! def qualified

Hunter S. Dotson   4 hours ago


Daniel Deiss    14 hours ago

Dan Deiss harvest moon classic am3 #63686

Daniel Deiss   12 hours ago


Derek Bonner    2 days ago

Derek Bonner Firefighters Classic 20582. Am Master


jay moyer    2 days ago

I would be happy to play pro master, if they need to complete a division, even though my victory at party at the ponds was in the am master div. 3-29-14


Joe Levell    3 days ago

Ooops - Just realized the cut off is 80 players - guess that means we're playing well under the 27 holes available ?!?

John Minicuci   3 days ago

We are not sure yet on the layout. We may have a temp 9 in case the park is full. If the weather is nice and the course fills up with casual, there may be some play for the 2nd round on the newer 9 and an additional temporary 9. FYI: Stony will have 36 holes in the near future. The current 18 will b ... more

Joe Levell    3 days ago

Great choice on Stony -- Hopefully using "ALL" holes -- have yet to see a tourny there using entire course (not saying there hasn't been)? I think that would be the most rewarding & best bang for the buck !!


Samantha Menzo    3 days ago

Chris Sheldon # 63588. AM2.

Gale Vaughn.



Jason "raffle Bagger" Phillips    4 days ago

Boom! I like it! Just need a wake up call from the front desk please?

Michael Cook   4 days ago

i got you !

John Minicuci    4 days ago


We have made this event a PDGA B Tier.

We have relocated the event to Stony Creek Metropark and are working out details with them daily.

The $2 daily pass for those that need them will be covered by the event.

The Players Pack for AMs will consist of:

1 Lucid Dynamic /Latitude Disc (your choice of 3 models), 1 Classic Dynamic Disc Judge, and 1 Discraft mystery disc = 3 discs per player!

More to come ...

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Mark Stephens   2 days ago

Mobil1 Synthetic Oil Slick I hear

Jeff Hollinger   2 days ago

Ooo slippery

Mark Stephens   2 days ago

Yet environmentally friendly!

Cody Vanhevel    4 days ago

Wedding this day plz unreg me


Ricky D    4 days ago

Ricky Denomme MPO 60535

Tri-city open Mar 29

Matt Toy   6 hours ago

I have a red hat for you stillu2026haven't seen you in a while bud

Ricky D   6 hours ago

awesome! yeah I threw out my elbow at " thrills at the mills" so I haven't been playing tournaments since then. been working on my forehand game-it's all I've got now

Daymon Pugh    5 days ago

My only request is to move it to a different course no one wants to play in ankle deep water

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2 J   4 days ago

I was there yesterday and it took a turn for the worst. Standing water all over the place. It's worse now than after the big flood

Daymon Pugh   4 days ago

It is a floodplain for the Clinton River and I have played it about four times now

John Minicuci   4 days ago

I have worked there all year. Maybe put in over two hundred hours of work. The water issue is only the past month.

Dj Hunt    5 days ago

Dj advanced.

Michigan amateur open

Brian WPD Frawley   4 days ago


Nate Buban    5 days ago

Buban is out, my batchelor party has been moved to this date. Sorry guys.

John Minicuci   5 days ago

Whoop it up Bachelor! No pics please, have fun!

doug granby    5 days ago

Doug granby 55017 won am3 motor city open please sign me up for am2 Sam Socia 55347 won discgirls am1 sign her up for FPO. I hope this gets sanctioned would love the points since they raised world's invite criteria to 750points instead of 500. Just my opinion.

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Jeff Hollinger   5 days ago

under "announcements"

Brent Sickel   4 days ago

I hate that they changed the points needed for worlds mid-calendar year. I may not reach 750 now since its a 50% increase

Jeff Hollinger   4 days ago

Yea a lot of people are scrounging for points, I'm definitely one of them.

Jeff Hollinger    6 days ago

I'll put my name on here for now, not sure if I'm gonna play this or the Northern MI championship. Jeff hollinger, Kalamazoo championship, AM3, #66113

John Minicuci   5 days ago

That's cool Jeff, It is why TDs don't bother too much with cashless...

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