Shore Acres Discraft Ace Race 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013 at Shore Acres Park in Saugatuck, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

Registered players

90 players are registered out of 90 possible spots.
0 spots are available.
1 player is on the Waitlist.

General entry FULL General registration is full

General   91 players

Aaron Deweerd PAID  
Adam Evenhouse PAID  
Adam Wolters  
Alex Gill PAID  
Alex Schackow PAID  
Alicia Kruithoff PAID  
Andrew VerSchure PAID  
Andrew Whipple PAID  
Ben Forrester  
Bob Hamm  
Bret Wyngarden PAID  
Brian Fitz +1  
Brian Fitz PAID  
Brian Wisniewsk PAID  
Bryan Earvin PAID  
Chad Cole  
Chris Andrews PAID  
Chris Casey PAID  
Chris Kodra PAID  
Chris Wabeke PAID  
CJ Owens  
CJ Owens +1  
Cooper Watkins  
Cory Whitten PAID  
Dan Glass PAID  
Dan Kuypers PAID  
Dave Lancaster  
Dave Loggins  
David Crum PAID  
Derek Laird Waitlist #1  
DJ Gebben PAID  
Drew Vanderwege  
Eric Karloski PAID  
Erik Bodine  
Ethan Mouw PAID  
Evan Buit PAID  
James Snyder  
Jamie Inman  
Jay Dirkse PAID  
Jeff "Noodle" England PAID  
Jeremy Blake PAID  
Jeremy Johnson PAID  
Joel Cooper PAID  
Joel Cooper's dog PAID  
Joel Cooper's fish PAID  
Joel Cooper's turtle PAID  
John Kleinbrink  
Jonathan Emery  
Josh Hosack PAID  
Josh Stone PAID  
Josh VanOrder PAID  
Justin Dillinger  
Karlton Williams  
Kelly Vanden Heuvel PAID  
Landon Gray PAID  
Leah Cole  
Mark Nichols PAID  
Matt Meeusen PAID  
Matt VanderZwaag  
Mike Hammer  
Mike Jager PAID  
Mike Norman  
Mike Wolters  
Nick Kohn PAID  
Parker Schaap  
Paul Gray PAID  
Pete Sagmoe PAID  
Philip Otis PAID  
Rob Buit PAID  
Robert Ramsdell  
Ron Evenhouse PAID  
Ryan Tyrell PAID  
Shane Robinson PAID  
Shannon Johnson PAID  
Shawn Kopp PAID  
Steve DeWitt  
Steve Hamm  
Tammi Gates  
Tim Bodine  
Tim Glass PAID  
Tim Kosturik PAID  
Tim Weir PAID  
Tim Wolffis PAID  
Todd Tracy PAID  
Travis Prueter PAID  
Trevor Dykstra PAID  
Verald Stevens  
Victor Wahl  
Vincent Scheuher PAID  
Zac Capel PAID  
Zachary Vaughn