R.I.P. The Clubhouse Wake

Saturday, May 15, 2010 at The Clubhouse in Battle Ground, Washington
Disc golf singles tournament


R.I.P. The Clubhouse Wake graphic

About this tournament

This is a tournament to celebrate The Clubhouse and it's short but tragic life. Many of you have played The Clubhouse, but many have not. This is your chance to get one last round in or get your one and only posted. This is not a funeral, this is a wake. It is going to be a barrels of fun. You should come.

Metal tags will be disributed as you get here. They are frigging sweet. Do not worry if you have lost or beaten your old tag, we know what number you get. New members will receive their tag on the spot and be signed up instantly, bring 5 bucks.

We look forward to seeing you all out at The Clubhouse.



The Clubhouse
Battle Ground, WA   Get Directions

Final Results

No Cash
Round 1: The Clubhouse - Regular tees 2x, 18 holes, par 54
1Jeremy Beckwith4646 / -8
2Mike Gordon4949 / -5
3Roy Cuellar5050 / -4
4Chris Cordova5151 / -3
5Josh Ramsey5252 / -2
6Marko Kolias5353 / -1
6Mike Johnson5353 / -1
8Jeremy Sines5353 / -1
9Jared Kastleman5454 / E
9Jason Sauermilch5454 / E
9Joseph Kaber5454 / E
9Steven Sands5454 / E
13Zac Conway5555 / +1
14Dan Brown5555 / +1
15Mike Anderson5757 / +3
16Andy Verhoeven5757 / +3
17Erik Johansen5959 / +5
18Jon Mannon6060 / +6
19Ross Swisher6363 / +9
20Chris Francis6464 / +10
20Tree Sines6464 / +10
22David Strom6565 / +11
23Chris Schaich7373 / +19
24Mike Myers7777 / +23
25Katheryn Brett8080 / +26