PDGA logoSunday, April 27, 2014 at Leviathan in Ludington, Michigan
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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No Cashless Pre-Registration If you do not register prior to the tournament and wish to register the day of ... more
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Jammer Gross    20 hours ago

Hey Jeff, did you receive my check today? Trying to get on reg for the free disc! Thanks Jammer

Jeff Schwass   1 hour ago

havent been to po box- will be tomorrow so you should be good- i use postmark

Jammer Gross    3 days ago

Hey Jeff, money is in the mail to the mdgo p.o. Box thanks CU there, Scott

Jeff Schwass   2 days ago

ill look for it

Zac Orleskie    3 days ago

Can I pay for ace pool and 50/50 the morning of??

Jeff Schwass   3 days ago

yes you can

Zac Orleskie    4 days ago

Am2 plays beauty?

Keith Aten   4 days ago

only if we reach 96 players then meds shorts

Zac Orleskie   3 days ago

Awesome thanks

liz waldorf    7 days ago

liz waldorf 3 days ago

There will be lunch available for purchase. The menu will be home made chili and home made broccoli cheese soup. Drinks will be pop, red bull,coffee,cocoa,nd juice. I will be at the park before round starts if u wanna pay in advance u r more then welcome. There will also be granola bars for purchase. Also if u didnt have time to make breakfast I will have breakfast burritos for purchase.


Josh Henry    April 3 at 12:00pm

Anybody in lake city or manton area want to carpool


Jeff Schwass    March 31 at 1:02pm

for all pros we will play SHORT alts for scorecard simplification- NOT mid alts


Eirik Kauserud    March 16 at 2:57pm

Am 1 and Am Mast- longs plus short alts/mids

Adam Geise   March 23 at 1:57am

thanks eirik

Jeff Schwass   March 25 at 1:41pm

I have changed tees for divisions mostly based on what theyll play at states- am mast HAS CHANGED

Zach Malott   6 days ago

Hey Schwass, you spelled my last name wrong on the registration. Im not sure if it really makes a difference, but it's Malott

Terry Grost    March 7 at 10:01am

Whiich tees are the Advanced Master div playing from? Thanks.