Near Wild Heaven (M & M Series #1)

PDGA logoSaturday, April 26, 2014 at Wild Haven Disc Golf Resort in Manton, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Also a stop on the J-Bird Players Series! ================================= SORRY, NO CASHLESS PRE REG! An ... more
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Michael Wildner    1 day ago

Course Report: as of the morning of Thursday, 4/17, the course was clear except for two holes - #11 and #13, which have what I can only describe as "glaciers" around the baskets. Hole 11 has almost no other snow in its fairway, I'd call it 95% open, but the snow pack around the basket was still pretty deep. Hole 13 has about 40% of its fairway still in snow, its basket is not quite as deep as 11's. Two tee signs did not survive the winter, #8 and #16, but I will get temps out there either Frida ... more


Josh Henry    2 days ago

What tee pads are wat divisions plaing at

Michael Wildner   1 day ago

All pros and all Advanced will be using the gold tees, I'm waiting to hear back from the PDGA about using the other tees and what that means as far a ratings are concerned. It may come down to a quick player vote at the player's meeting, I'll keep you posted via the tournament page here.

Jammer Gross    2 days ago

Mike, can we play a round Saturday. I'll try to bring a case of Jammers for your tourney

Michael Wildner   2 days ago

I was just out there this morning, the course is open except for 2 holes that still have what I would describe as glaciers on them, surrounding the baskets. These are on holes 11 and 13, which didn't surprise me because both those pin locations are similar - north facing slope, lots of trees nearby. ... more

Jammer Gross   1 day ago

We were planning on being there around 10am.

Jammer Gross    4 days ago

Hey Mike, my check is enroute to your home address Thanks. Cu next week


Keith Aten    April 9 at 8:41am

For those of you who havent played this new course you will enjoy the elevation changes and terrain. Awesome course !

Michael Wildner   April 9 at 9:42am

...and its looking like the snow *might* actually be all gone by then! :)

Zach Malott   7 days ago

I haven't played it before but am looking forward to it. Is it easy to find/are the google maps directions right? It looks like they take my to the middle of nowhere...

Michael Wildner   4 days ago

Zach: Some map programs display the wronmg location; if it shows that its near the Hodenpyl Dam pond, that is wrong. It is just south of the town of Manton, right off US-131, exit 191, which some might consider the "middle of nowhere". Take exit 191, head toward Manton, turn left at the 1st stop, go ... more

liz waldorf    April 8 at 11:33am

There will be lunch available for purchase. The menu will be home made chili and home made broccoli cheese soup. Drinks will be pop, red bull,coffee,cocoa,nd juice. I will be at the park before round starts if u wanna pay in advance u r more then welcome. There will also be hand wamers nd granola bars for purchase. Also if u didnt have time to make breakfast I will have breakfast burritos for purchase.

Michael Wildner   April 9 at 9:40am

Awesome! I was planning on brining the grill for burgers and dogs, but this sounds great and less work for me! Thanks Liz!

liz waldorf   April 9 at 11:14pm

Ur welcome mike. C yea guys in soon.