Near Wild Heaven (M & M Series #1)

PDGA logoSaturday, April 26, 2014 at Wild Haven Disc Golf Resort in Manton, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

Thanks to all who played in the event to help break in the new tee pads!
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Michael Wildner    April 25 at 9:49pm

All players will play from the Gold tees. There are 4 that didn't get cement, 5, 6, 7, & 13. You will have the option to tee from inside the "box" or from the gold flags on those 4 holes. I also made some small changes, added OB lines, changed the tee pad for #6 Gold, and added a mando for the new pad location. Also the OB "hexagon" on #2 is now in play.


Wayne VanTuinen    April 25 at 6:10pm

I vote all am players use gold tees so we can use the new concrete pads.....THANKS

Mike Stump - OldStump   April 25 at 8:53pm

What Wayne said.. See you tomorrow

Michael Wildner    April 25 at 2:30pm

Also might have some space at our house for wayward disc throwers...about 35 minutes from the course, we've got plenty of room, only thing is you must like cats, or at least not be allergic to them. We also have a 4 year old, he's in bed by 9pm but we can still be noisy either in the bunker, garage, or outdoors. Got a few portables for putting practice, and a nice little "driving range" off of our driveway.


Michael Wildner    April 25 at 11:00am

Online registration has been extended to 7pm this evening, for all those still contemplating. Weather looks fairly decent for Saturday, a little chilly in the AM but it should get better through the day.


Michael Wildner    April 25 at 10:36am

Anyone thinking of camping for the weekend, rain is forecast for Friday night changing over to that dirty 4-letter 's' word - snow. I don't expect it will accumulate, but it will be very chilly overnight. Saturdays forecast is better. We've got plenty of lumber laying around for campfires though. Porta Jon was delivered yesterday (at least that went without a snag). I'll be out there later this afternoon working on clean up, tee signs, OB markers, and other misc grunt wo ... more


Michael Wildner    April 24 at 11:43pm

Well, in keeping with this week's trend, there were of course problems. The concrete guy tried to get the Bobcat running, but it would barely get up the hill without a load. He had to take the machine in to a mechanic, so we did not have the ability to do the last 4 holes before the weekend. But the other 14 are pretty sweet...I won't be available to run a glow round, but maybe the folks camping out there will be game?


Uncle Todd Captain Carly's Angels - 22388    April 24 at 6:21pm

R U peeps going to do a glow friday night?


Keith Aten    April 24 at 7:59am

Unless some unforeseen problem happens today all 18 holes will have cement tees. As of yesterday 14 were done..

show all 4 comments   April 24 at 9:00am

Bunch of Baddasses! Thank YOU!

Dave Connors   April 24 at 1:19pm


Uncle Todd Captain Carly's Angels - 22388   April 24 at 6:15pm


Ricky D    April 22 at 4:53pm

hey I'm thinking about camping there over the weekend, what's the dillio? do I need an ok or to reserve a spot?

Michael Wildner   April 23 at 8:23am

You don't need to reserve a spot; I have a couple "designated" camping areas, you're the first one to ask. If you are coming up Friday, I could help you to locate a spot. It is rusric camping, no facilities other than a picnic table and a fire ring, I *hope* to have the porta-jon ... more

Ricky D   April 23 at 2:10pm

I planned on staying just saturday night, but I'll let you know otherwise

liz waldorf   April 23 at 4:56pm

Damian Redman and I plan on coming up on fri for the weekend to camp.

Michael Wildner    April 18 at 3:28pm

Course Report: as of the morning of Thursday, 4/17, the course was clear except for two holes - #11 and #13, which have what I can only describe as "glaciers" around the baskets. Hole 11 has almost no other snow in its fairway, I'd call it 95% open, but the snow pack around the basket was still pretty deep. Hole 13 has about 40% of its fairway still in snow, its basket is not quite as deep as 11's. Two tee signs did not survive the winter, #8 and #16, but I will get temps ou ... more


Josh Henry    April 18 at 8:46am

What tee pads are wat divisions plaing at


Jammer Gross    April 17 at 8:07pm

Mike, can we play a round Saturday. I'll try to bring a case of Jammers for your tourney

Michael Wildner   April 17 at 9:10pm

I was just out there this morning, the course is open except for 2 holes that still have what I would describe as glaciers on them, surrounding the baskets. These are on holes 11 and 13, which didn't surprise me because both those pin locations are similar - north facing slope, lots of trees ne ... more

Jammer Gross   April 18 at 7:48pm

We were planning on being there around 10am.

Jammer Gross    April 15 at 7:03pm

Hey Mike, my check is enroute to your home address Thanks. Cu next week


Keith Aten    April 9 at 8:41am

For those of you who havent played this new course you will enjoy the elevation changes and terrain. Awesome course !

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Zach Malott   April 20 at 9:59pm

Is it before or after the railroad tracks then?

Michael Wildner   April 22 at 11:57am

You do not cross the RR tracks - if you do then you went the wrong way down 18 1/2 from Old 131. Its about 1/2 a mile from Old 131, if you hit the cul-de-sac you just went past it.

Zach Malott   April 25 at 11:30am

ok cool, thanks man

liz waldorf    April 8 at 11:33am

There will be lunch available for purchase. The menu will be home made chili and home made broccoli cheese soup. Drinks will be pop, red bull,coffee,cocoa,nd juice. I will be at the park before round starts if u wanna pay in advance u r more then welcome. There will also be hand wamers nd granola bars for purchase. Also if u didnt have time to make breakfast I will have breakfast burritos for purchase.

Michael Wildner   April 9 at 9:40am

Awesome! I was planning on brining the grill for burgers and dogs, but this sounds great and less work for me! Thanks Liz!

liz waldorf   April 9 at 11:14pm

Ur welcome mike. C yea guys in soon.

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