More than Meets the Eye - 100 Hole Tourney (Canyon Floor)

Saturday, August 16, 2014 at Canyonview Camp in Silverton, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

1 Day. 1 Course. 100 Holes. Breakfast at 7:00am 7:30am Tee Time 5:30pm Awards 6 Divisions Breakfast.... ... more
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Rick Saffeels    19 hours ago

Okay I got a cool break! We ended up with a split of CFR Sparkle Enforcers and CFR Sparkle Witness! Woohoo! Only 50 spots left!


Rick Saffeels    1 day ago

We have 8 sponsors so far! Here is our link on Facebook!


Rick Saffeels    4 days ago

I got off the phone with Chris from Dynamic Discs and he wanted to apologize but before they put in my order, all the CFR Enforcers were gone :( So we now will have just 3 Main Tourney discs to offer in the players pack: Moonshine Warden, CFR Sparkle Witness, and Classic Blend Judge! Thanks and sorry for a MINOR inconvenience :)

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ROGUE RIDER   4 days ago

so is masters just for cash payout? no advanced masters correct?

Rick Saffeels   3 days ago

Yes :)

Rick Saffeels   2 days ago

unless a bunch of people sign up wanting to play advanced masters

Rick Saffeels    July 24 at 2:01pm

Here is the Players pack! 5 Colors to choose from More Than Meets the Eye T-shirt, Koozie, Breakfast, Lunch, and A DISC!!! NO WAY! And payouts for each division! We are going with our good friends at Trilogy Dynamic Discs for the discs and Swag pack! Classic Judge, Blend Judge and Warden, Classic Soft Judge, Biofuzion Escape, Enforcer CFR Sparkle (10) Fuzion Verdict, Moonshine Warden, Witness, and Havoc, Westside King, Lat. 64 Opto River and Saint, and Goldline Pure. There will be several items ... more

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Rick Saffeels   7 days ago

Yes :) it's a singles tourney for fundraiser and payouts as well as a partners best disc tourney (for the players pack and prizes)

Cooper Axe   7 days ago

Okay thanks rick, if i have anymore questions ill PM you.

Rick Saffeels   7 days ago

No worries :)

Cooper Axe    July 21 at 2:30am

Are you TD for this tourney Rick? I'm thinking about signing up.

Rick Saffeels   July 21 at 10:00am

Yes sir! :)

Cooper Axe   July 21 at 12:31pm

Well okay then, I just might sign up, this time do I have to pay the 10 dollar fee for not having a pdga number?

Rick Saffeels   July 21 at 4:43pm

Nope this will be a non-sanctioned event so it won't be for PDGA ratings. :)

Rick Saffeels    July 3 at 3:19pm



Rick Saffeels    June 29 at 9:43am

Pre-Registration Sale! $5 off all Divisions! Sale ends July 4th! Independence Week Sale!