Gale Vaughn Memorial

PDGA logoSunday, July 27, 2014 at Addison Oaks County Park in Leonard, Michigan
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

*NO CASHLESS PRE REG, THE ANSWER IS NO* The Motor City Chain Gang is hosting the 12th Annual Gale Vaughn Me ... more
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Fred Vocino    2 days ago

I hope to get some first time play at Addison Oaks on Saturday, the day before GVM. If others plan to play it on Sat. how do you think you can avoid interference with the women's tournament that day? Late afternoon is my target time.

Samantha Socia   2 days ago

Two rounds of 18 with 20-25 women I picture us being done at the latest 5 so later afternoon should be perfect, thanks for asking!!

Fred Vocino   1 day ago

Got it...thanks!

Josh Cook    3 days ago

Looks like not much competition at AM4 for this one. I would like to move up to AM3 if ya'll dont mind. Is this possible? can I pay the additional $5 the day of the tourney? if its too late I understand......let me know...thanks Fellas


Benny G.    3 days ago

So I don't see anything about how many rounds were doing. Is it 2 rounds?

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Benny G.   3 days ago

Oh we now got it!

John Minicuci   3 days ago

we have run many events at Addison this size and all we can say is it is better to get in your car at the end ofvthe day in daylight than finishing the aeards in the dark. 22 holes allows us the best pportunity to wrap up the event with minimal daylight left.

Jeff Hollinger   3 days ago

Ahh indeed. This is my first tourney at addy so I wasn't sure. Can. Not. Wait.

Joe Levell    3 days ago

Please put me in am granmaster (there was not an option when reg.) - but if there doesn't end up being more players I'd like to switch back to mm1 - hopefully that's ok

Joe Levell   3 days ago


Chris Leo   3 days ago

I moved you, thanks for registering.

Fred Vocino   3 days ago

It looks like there will be at least 3 MG1 players. That may be enough for Chris but not enough for Joe. I can wait for Sunday am to see what card I'm on.

Nate Buban    4 days ago

Only 31 spots left?!

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John Minicuci   4 days ago

Dirty dollas!

Mark Stephens   3 days ago

I will!! I bet 0 since they said no wait list...

Chris Leo   3 days ago

I agree with Mark.

Fred Vocino    4 days ago

I see that the MG1 division is up now. Please put me there. Let's hope one or more 50+ guys join in.

John Minicuci   4 days ago


Jennifer Lynn    4 days ago

is there intermediate or recreation women's?

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Jennifer Lynn   4 days ago

Yes please! I already signed up for advanced but please move me down once either is added. Thankyou

Chris Leo   3 days ago

I moved you over, thanks for registering.

Jennifer Lynn   3 days ago

Thanks Chris!!!

Chris Leo    4 days ago

There will be NO waiting list. We will take people day of, so please just sign up and avoid the headache.


John Minicuci    5 days ago

For those traveling to either or both events this weekend at Addison Oaks: Similar to the Metroparks vehicle annual pass, the Oakland County Parks offer their own pass as well. The Metroparks pass does not apply to Oakland County Parks. Those who do not live in the Oakland County, the fees are a little higher. Here is the info from their website on vehicle entry fees: MOTOR VEHICLE DAY USE FEES Valid at Addiso ... more


Rob Cheyne    5 days ago

Please drop me to am4 (novice). Registered in 3's (recreational) in error

John Minicuci   5 days ago


Joe 'Blaze' Meldrum   5 days ago


Jeff Meldrum   5 days ago


Fred Vocino    July 18 at 11:52am

Hey! MM1 division reg,players...Don't take the list you see with my name on it as a sign that this old guy will be there to take any punishment from you kids;) When other MS1 or MG1 age players register, I will seek the protection of those divisions;)


Dj Hunt    July 15 at 6:13pm

What holes we playing

John Minicuci   July 15 at 6:23pm

We are skipping the button hook hole (Hole 17) before the long hole parallel with Walker Road and Hole 20.

Nate Buban   July 17 at 6:42pm

22 hole lay out

John Minicuci    July 11 at 12:03am

Players Pack announcement:

Players pack consist of:

1 GStar TeeBird3 or 1 GStar Rhyno

1 DX Roc or 1 DX Aviar

1 Metal Flake Motor City Chain Gang Mini Driver

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steve sevonty   5 days ago

dibs on t Bird

Ryan Koeppen   4 days ago

you can't call dibs on a disc ya bum lol

steve sevonty   20 hours ago

please Ryan!

Stuart Agranove    July 9 at 9:34pm

Will there be state births at this event?

Chris Leo   July 9 at 9:42pm

The MCCG gives births away at Monday night league and Motor City Open.

Joshua Ballinger    July 8 at 9:15am

A whole year with no tournaments at stoney what shame

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Jeff Bauman   July 8 at 9:34am

Stone Cold will be there!

Brian WPD Frawley   July 8 at 10:06am

Bring your own partner at stony 8/10 morning wood classic. Look it up!

Douglas Fresh   July 8 at 5:49pm

On the bright side: two tournaments at Addy.

John Minicuci    July 8 at 8:09am

Tournament Announcement: We are moving the event to Addison Oaks. For those who are already paid and do not wish to play Addison, please let us know.

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Jay B INSANITY DGC   July 8 at 11:20am


Benny G.   July 8 at 12:34pm


Ryan Koeppen   July 10 at 8:25pm

I still wish this event would be at the GVM course but Addison is always fantastic.

Dj Hunt    July 7 at 1:18pm

What's the reasoning for the cap of 88?

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Ryan Koeppen   July 7 at 11:26pm

I would assume cap would be 90 since that would allow 5 people on each card.

Chris Leo   July 8 at 5:47am

I think we are going to do away with ghost groups. And keep it as four somes, players seen to enjoy that better and it's less hassle sorting the cards.

John Minicuci   July 8 at 8:08am

We are only using 1 course so there is a cap that accommodates the change.

Jared Frost    July 7 at 12:34am

wasn't this a b tier?

Ben Jackson   July 7 at 8:45am

pro c, am b. read the top

Jared Frost   July 7 at 9:44pm

Yeah, I see that. Last time I looked at this tourney, it said $500 added straight B tier.

John Minicuci   July 8 at 8:07am

We moved the Pros to a C Tier instead of a B Tier and moved the cash into bigger players packages for the AMs. We are also moving the event.

Josh "BIG BIRD" Frisinger    May 29 at 12:07am

Is your note of rating qualification for reference or requirement to play that division?

Chris Leo   May 30 at 8:53pm

You can only play in the division(s) you qualify to, whether it be rating or age. If you have no rating then play what division you would like.

Jamie Mosier    March 27 at 12:20pm

Scheduled against hickory again this year? Y'all even trying anymore?

Shaun Adkins   March 28 at 8:28am

they've been done trying to please you for a while jamie. glad to see you're probably still alive btw.

Fred Vocino   May 28 at 11:02pm

When I went to find what "hickory" meant I concluded it was the "Tilly's" in Traverse City. I live in Grand Rapids and plan my tournament schedule pretty far in advance. As a MS1 division player I try to keep my options open, sometimes opting against a nearby tournament to be where other seniors are ... more