Gale Vaughn Memorial

PDGA logoSunday, July 27, 2014 at Addison Oaks County Park in Leonard, Michigan
Pro C-tier / Amateur B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

*NO CASHLESS PRE REG, THE ANSWER IS NO* The Motor City Chain Gang is hosting the 12th Annual Gale Vaughn Me ... more
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Terry Grost    3 days ago

Would it be possible to get a refund for Beth Grost's registration?

Adam Geise   3 days ago

Chris spent it all on beer.

Fred Vocino    3 days ago

Thanks for a memorable first tournament at Addison Oaks. While playing is always a cosmic victory for me, I'd like to note that I may claim a dubious achievement by having 10 strokes added to single round. Does anybody know of a dunce with a higher achievement?

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Fred Vocino   2 days ago

The added points had no bearing on my prospects for placing in-the-money. Hell...that round may even get ejected in the next PDGA rating calculation. (anti-sandbagging practice)

Fred Vocino   2 days ago actual prize for me is needed. How about a GVM DIRECTOR'S AWARD FOR DUBIOUS ACHIEVEMENT? Next year the award will be on display at the tourney with an enscription noting my achievement in 2014. The TD may or may not choose to award someone in 2015 or any subsequent year based on the TDs fi ... more

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   2 days ago

That's kind of a neat idea

Matt Oller    4 days ago

Thanks to John and Chris for a great tourney. Lots of great pics, check em out!


Wayne "Weezy" Jodway    4 days ago

Lost a red Gstar Destroyer on 19, short and left of the basket. Has a white Fire Fighters 2014 Classic stamp

John Minicuci   4 days ago

It was turned in at the lost and found table

Wayne "Weezy" Jodway   4 days ago

Whew thank you!!

Wayne "Weezy" Jodway    4 days ago

We should get shirts that say, I survived the GVM of '14


Jennifer Lynn    4 days ago

lost a hot pink wahoo in hole 1's pond during 1st round. Couldn't reach it so we moved on to the next hole. Asked around and no one said they saw it or got it out :/ It's a floater so I'm sure someone saw it. My name and number are on it.

Kenneth Mize   3 days ago

Kids picked it up I believe. I remember them having a pinkish disc. They were playing around there at the time.

Jennifer Lynn   3 days ago

Shoot.... Thanks anyway

Dwayne Kay    5 days ago

Brandon, Congrats on your hot round and a nice win!

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   4 days ago

Thanks Dwanye

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    5 days ago

Big thanks to John and Chris for running this crazy thing. Never had to experience play stoppage before, let alone twice. You guys do a ton of leg work that no one ever realizes. Thanks again to everyone involved.


John Minicuci    5 days ago

Thank you to everyone who came to the 2014 GVM. We havent had a storm during the GVM since 2005. Here is a pic of the sky right before we took cover: Big thanks to Chris Leo for running a smooth event even during not 1 but 2 tornado warnings. A big thanks to Abbie who jumped right in and took part in the guts of the event. Congratulations to all of the players who braved the elements and the divisional win ... more


Ryan Koeppen    5 days ago

Lost a white z buzzz with my buddy Jon's ink still in the rim and I lost a kc pro 2nd place MCCG roc in the water on hole. Be really grateful to get them back.

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Ryan Koeppen   4 days ago

ha no ****? yellow with purple stamp?

Shaun Adkins   4 days ago

how many yellow teerexes have you lost on 14? looked up the page number in the rim.

Shaun Adkins   4 days ago

*pdga not page.

Chris Leo    5 days ago

For whatever reason the PDGA site does not like the excel spread sheet upload. I will have to contact them in the morning to see why it's not working. I do have the scores posted on the scene and hopefully the PDGA by tomorrow. Thanks to everyone that came out and to all the divisional winners. Huge thanks to Abbie for coming out and helping with the whole procedure today, it was a huge help. Thanks for Nick Cooke for helping with Pay Outs as well. Sorry the weather wasn't so kind to all of y ... more

Chris Leo   5 days ago

Scores are posted and all of the information is now on the PDGA site, however it will not take the update for unknown reasons.

Benny G.    5 days ago

Nice shooting everyone!! Great event and awesome job running it! I'll see y'all at motor city open


Douglas Fresh    5 days ago

Thanks Chris, John, Abbie, and everybody who helped run the show. Had a great time, but I don't remember there being that many trees at Addy...


Jon Andare    5 days ago

Lost a star aviar putter on 10 cash reward if found & returned


Jay B INSANITY DGC    5 days ago

Not very happy with whoever picked up the pink crystal nuke i won in the raffle, immediately after i won it, it was thrown from the pavillion to the practice basket not even 5 minutes passed and someone picked it up and walked away with it...whoever you are karma will catch up with you sooner or later

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Douglas Fresh   5 days ago

Stealing a pink disc from Jay is like riding over Niagara in a barrell: only the foolish do it and only the lucky survive.

Jay B INSANITY DGC   5 days ago

does anyone even remember or know what the stamp was on it when chris was showing it? i seriously didnt even get to look at it long enough before throwing it and someone stealing it

Chris Leo   3 days ago

It had the wolfpack logo from what I would assume from Sherwood breweries tournament.

Josh Cook    5 days ago

Great Job guys, thanks for the hard work. Had a great time, and meet some good people


Joe Levell    6 days ago

Please put me in Am Masters

- sorry Fred, I've gotta go for the bigger field & let the youngsters beat up on me - hopefully you & Bart will come along -- If the kiddies

try & take advantage of you, just challenge them to a Freestyle match. I hear your quite accomplished in that arena


Beth Grost    6 days ago

Hi there! Would it be possible to drop me down to Women's Intermediate? I only signed up for advanced because there weren't any other women registered at the time but now there are 2 in intermediate.

Thank you!

Beth Grost #55680


Chris Leo    6 days ago


We are filled, thank you guys and girls SO much. It truly is so awesome to see everyone sell out your local tournaments!!!

Due to the rain we will be taking registration for Ace Pool and CTP as well as handing out your players packs inside where the concession's are located. For those that are aware they are located where the rest rooms are, which is the building to the left of tee pad 1. Since there is no wait list we will be taking one a first come first serve basis tomorrow.

Chris Leo   6 days ago

Wow this must be a first! Everyone that had registered and was not current or a member at all has paid their fee's!

Ryan Koeppen   6 days ago

pretty sure the scene makes you. either way its awesome it helps you guys out!

David Bihl    6 days ago

Hey John, I cant make it to the tourney tomorrow sorry for the late cancel. Hope it goes well!!

Chris Leo   6 days ago

I will refund your money shortly.

David Bihl   6 days ago

Thanks so much!

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