Frisci Disc Fallasburg Fall Doubles Frenzy

Sunday, September 29, 2013 at Fallasburg Park in Lowell, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

About this tournament

Frisci Discs Fallasburg Fall Doubles Frenzy Presented by Frisci Discs and the Flat River Disc Golf Associa ... more
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Jason Brower    October 2 at 2:35pm

Lost a pair of sunglasses i think on hole 1. Nice reward to whoever finds them


Bryan Murphy    September 30 at 4:59pm

If anyone that plays fallasburg frequently finds a orange champ boss with a sharpie bat drawn on it on the right side of 16 that would be mine and I will reward who finds it


Rob "CaptnHowdy" Salik    September 30 at 7:27am

Found disc alert......Yellow clear Opto Diamond on hole 5. PDGA # 58283

Rob Brower   September 30 at 7:50am

That would be me. you can drop it at frisci's or text me 272-6093

Rob "CaptnHowdy" Salik   September 30 at 8:14am

I will drop it off today.

Rob Brower   September 30 at 9:05am

thank you VERY! MUCH!

Rob "CaptnHowdy" Salik    September 30 at 7:24am

Thank you Frisci Disc we had a blast. Can not wait to do it again.


Mike Durco    September 29 at 9:34pm

I want to sat THANK YOU!!!! everyone who came out played the event and got in the side games! It was a great day! I hope everyone had a blast! We raised over $1000 for Adventure Amputee Camp! If anyone would like to donate to Adventure Amputee Camp you can do so by going to

Thanks again!!


Cassidy Brigham    September 29 at 8:11am

Cassidy and Gerritt Dyksterhouse am3


Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc    September 29 at 3:12am

REALLY wish I could be there tomorrow, kudos to Mike & Frisci Disc for supporting this great cause

Mike Durco   September 29 at 7:32pm

Thanks Matt! It was a great day! Everyone seemed to have a good tome and we raised over $1000 for Adventure Amputee Camp!

Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc   September 30 at 4:54pm

that is Awesome!

Blake Budreau    September 28 at 7:19pm

Please sign Blake Budreau and Matt Newberg up for Am3. Thanks

Mike Durco   September 28 at 8:22pm


David Loggins    September 28 at 6:13pm

Loggins and DeWitt aren't gonna make it

Mike Durco   September 28 at 8:21pm

Sorry to hear that. I'll take you off the list

Victor Wahl   September 28 at 9:02pm

...****s. Lol see you guys at Fright Night

Mike Durco    September 28 at 3:06pm

Goof up on reg list because discgolfscene doesn't like it when I add/drop from my phone. It will be fixed. Don't worry

Mike Durco   September 28 at 3:51pm

I have everything back to the way it should be.

Jason Brower    September 28 at 2:18pm

So whats the deal with the red registered players. N can you pleez move me n partner back to am1

Rob Brower   September 28 at 2:44pm

you guys switched rob brower and J Kay from am3 to am1?? And Jason Brower and partner from am1 to am3?? Please switch them back!

Mike Durco   September 28 at 2:47pm

Yeah I know. I didn't switch it.. There was a goof up on defacement. I'll fix it when I get to a computer

Mike Durco   September 28 at 3:02pm

*goof up on discgolfscene*

Sam Mrdeza    September 28 at 1:36pm

Sam Mrdeza & Rick Dennome ---AM1


Jeff Tice    September 28 at 12:58pm

Looks like there is two all male teams in the mixed group. Sure it's just a mistake.


David Burkholder    September 28 at 12:25pm

Anyone looking for a partner?

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David Burkholder   September 28 at 4:30pm

I play am 2 singles am 1 dubs. That would be sick! I really wanna play

Mike Durco   September 28 at 8:19pm

The person that I though was lloking for a partner can't make it. He's in the hospital. I hope he's ok.. he didn't know what was wrong yet when I spoke with him earlier.

David Burkholder   September 29 at 12:51am

If anyone needs one last minute please let me know, thankyou.

Nick Comdure    September 27 at 11:43pm

Nick Comdure and Philip Pohlman - Rec

Mike Durco   September 28 at 12:07pm


Bryan Murphy    September 27 at 9:00pm

Plz sign Bryan Murphy and Nate DeFrain up for am1

Mike Durco   September 28 at 12:07pm


Mike Kemp    September 27 at 6:59pm

Please remove Mike Kemp and Ryan Rose, got scheduled to work Sunday.

Mike Durco   September 28 at 11:44am


Mike Durco   September 28 at 11:45am

Sorry to hear you can't make it

Greg Festian    September 27 at 6:44pm

remove nate everson and dylan schreiner please

Mike Durco   September 28 at 11:44am


Michael Smith    September 26 at 2:28pm

Michael Smith and Keith Spieker - AM2

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Nick Bosovich   September 26 at 3:35pm

Spieker is AM1 rated...

Michael Smith   September 28 at 1:27pm

With a partner that has played never played a sanctioned event and one other Unsanctioned AM2 doubles tourney. Bump us to 1 if there's an issue..

Michael Smith   September 28 at 1:33pm

Lets stack the AM1 cards so peeps can bag to AM3. There were only 3 teams in AM2. But as I said if there's an issue we can go up to 1..

Rick -D SMOOTHY- Kramer    September 26 at 1:43pm

Rick and Cortney Kramer for mixed dubs

Mike Durco   September 27 at 2:04pm