PDGA logoSaturday, March 8, 2014 at Vienna Park in Temperance, Michigan
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

a morning round at historic vienna park, a break for lunch sponsored by the head shed! and then a final round ... more
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Rich Mcpherson    March 8 at 10:12pm

And thank you kruse great job


MARK KRUSE    March 8 at 8:53pm

special thanks to 4st eversman and tim st. aubin for the tremendous job of clearing/salting tees. HUGE thanks to eric vogelpohl, the best damn volunteer in the land!...we can not run smooth events like this without the help of people like eric....thanks a ton!


MARK KRUSE    March 8 at 8:35pm

two very different courses...."the frosty" always gets its revenge!


MARK KRUSE    March 8 at 8:29pm

scores are up on both dgs and pdga, please let me know if any corrections are needed. i hope most all had fun! i hope we see you all at the party.....that's "party @ the ponds " on march 29th saturday.

Wade Collins   March 9 at 3:10pm

yeah i shot a 59 at vienna and 48 at parmalee

MARK KRUSE   March 17 at 11:53pm

should be corrected, thx for the heads up!

Jake Pardo    March 8 at 1:57am

Jake Pardo AM4 61285

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Jake Pardo   March 8 at 5:52pm

oh yeah Timmy not only did I win but hit ace and took ace pool.. Bagger very much

Timmy Redman   March 8 at 10:34pm

move up!

Jake Pardo   March 8 at 10:46pm

Playing am 3 at midgets tomorrow

Geoff Bennett    March 8 at 1:56am

Geoff bennett 24962 mpo


Buddy Barman    March 7 at 11:00pm

Buddy Barman #60793 Am3


Michael Kelly    March 7 at 4:45pm

Bob Cundiff AM Master


Aaron Collins    March 7 at 4:28pm

Trevor Donahue am2


Chris Engel    March 7 at 3:07pm

Looking at driving up with 3 or 4 people from Cincy area is there a chance this will sell out and we won't get in ?

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Chris Engel   March 7 at 7:00pm

Mike Naegele 42964 (Not sure what division he is going to play ... either MPO or MA1)

Chris Engel   March 7 at 8:03pm

thanks guys

MARK KRUSE   March 8 at 12:09am

you'll get in....try to be here by 9 a.m. or so though. thanks

Josh Hewitt    March 7 at 8:06am

Josh Hewitt AM3 62923


Chris "Razzy" Morgan    March 6 at 9:33pm

Chris Morgan am1 40404


Evan McIntyre    March 6 at 9:31pm

Evan McIntyre ma1 40117


Jesse Whitlock    March 6 at 7:13pm

Jesse Whitlock 49015 AM3


MARK KRUSE    March 6 at 4:40pm

please remember, first round is at the historic vienna park in temperance mi.....please do NOT show up at parmalee park (the shooter's paradise) in the morning!

Bob DeCumen   March 6 at 10:28pm

Gates still closed? Are we parking on the street?

Chris Wojciechowski   March 7 at 6:18am

Gates are usually closed until the time changes. Unless Krusestrom gets them opened.

MARK KRUSE   March 8 at 12:14am

all will park on's just one round at vienna....if we opened the gates we'd have to get all the non-player cars out too after the round....tough to do.

MARK KRUSE    March 6 at 4:38pm

i had a call re player packs, just to cleaify: player pack for all ams is $11 credit toward any thing on tables, mini marker with number on back & chance to win a shed disc and lunch at the the way to parmalee park for the second round. all pros get the lunch and the mini with a chance to win a shed disc.


Aaron Collins    March 6 at 12:32pm

James baker am3


Mike Leys    March 6 at 12:10pm

Mike Leys 63030 am3


Shane Bates    March 6 at 9:24am

Shane Bates MA4 #63965
Paul Stasak MA2 #37115 (not current)


Adam Schneider    March 5 at 9:16am

Adam Schneider Am3 #47212


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