FFFT - Last Stop - Hudson

PDGA logoSaturday, March 29, 2014 at Hudson Springs Park in Hudson, Ohio
C-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

About this tournament

Final stop on this years tour. Two rounds at Hudson Springs. All concrete tees. $20 per player. $10 towards payout, $2 towards point series, $8 towards charity. Sign-ups will be here.
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Bill Vaughn    March 31 at 11:58am

Points series final standings at NEO page here. It was sure nice having Eric Centanni here for final event... I think he missed it too. We will have a planning meeting for next year later in 2014- I am thinking maybe in conjunction with a NEOhio Disc Golf fantasy football draft. We'll gauge interest out on the courses this summer- cya around.


Jay Kovach    March 30 at 2:44pm

Woo hoo dead last but a **** ton of fun


eric centanni    March 29 at 6:23pm

I would like to sincerely thank all of you who helped coordinate this years point series, and all of you who attended these fantastic events.
Such a wonderful thing we have, our group of golfers. Diverse, resourceful and eccentric.

I'll hang out in any weather with you guys and gals.

Once again, thank you all.

Katie and I will have all of the scores up on here and the PDGA by tomorrow night. This guy has a beer to drink.

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Bill Perry   March 30 at 11:34am

Great series and great people! Big thanks to all who make it happen.

Mitch G   March 30 at 1:18pm


Don Thomas   March 31 at 1:56pm

Had a great time at all 3 events I attended. Thanks everyone for making this sport even more fun than it already is!!! My hat's off to those of you who organized these events. I know that a LOT of work needs to happen behind the scenes and I'm sure there are times where you felt unappreciated. THANK YOU, from all the players!

eric centanni    March 29 at 6:15pm

Who left their axe. I've got it.

Joshua Lammerding   March 29 at 7:08pm

People I saw using it who it may belong to: Jon DeCapua, Greg Platt, Greg Bergquist.

eric centanni   March 29 at 7:12pm

negative x 3

Joshua Lammerding   March 29 at 7:16pm

(o.o)/ i tried.

Joshua Lammerding    March 29 at 1:38am

Brian Crawford will be coming out from Warren with me. 52698 - MA1

Bill Vaughn   March 29 at 5:49am

bring fire wood!

Bill Vaughn   March 29 at 5:50am

oh wait, that wasn't you... bring some anyway if you have it...

dan wu    March 28 at 11:08pm

Is it too late to register one more ? My brother dave is interested in playing...no pdga number and probably intermediate

eric wernet   March 29 at 7:13am

Bring him!

Dan Keller    March 28 at 9:29pm

Dumb question are the directions from the tab correct..?


katie meloy    March 28 at 8:55pm

Updated, again.


Nick Bacon    March 28 at 7:47pm

Looks like I will have to drop, Good luck everyone else.


Matthew McAlpine    March 28 at 7:23pm

I'll be bringing bottled water.


Frank Lyons    March 28 at 7:15pm

Can't make it. Stuff came up. Good luck everyone.


Matt Dungan    March 28 at 6:17pm

If anyone needs a ride up from the Canton area let me know, meeting Jay at Arbo-7:30. Got room for 3 more in Big Hoss

Rod F   March 28 at 10:29pm

I m in.

Jay Kovach   March 30 at 9:56am

Thanks Matt had a blast appreciate the ride to a great course for a great cause.

Justin L.    March 28 at 7:19am

Should I bring corn hole? And fire wood?

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Justin L.   March 28 at 12:24pm

If u have the room to bring it. I going to bring my new basket also. And it may be really bad weather?

katie meloy   March 28 at 6:13pm

Um.. I thought we were already bringing it? Eric H is bringing wood.

Rod F   March 28 at 10:30pm

Rod f. Open.

Joel Garn    March 28 at 6:41am

Is there a pavilion? Should I bring tarp/wrap?

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eric centanni   March 28 at 7:59am

yes for both questions

Joel Garn   March 28 at 8:04am

I will bring "wind barrier" , be there around 8:30

eric centanni   March 29 at 7:16pm

a personal thank you for your time and effort today... i look forward to our next meeting.

katie meloy    March 27 at 11:08pm

Updated on here and the PDGA. Only 16 spots left!


Greg Bergquist    March 27 at 9:43pm

Bergys bringing rice crispy treats!


Dan Keller    March 27 at 7:14pm

Put me down intermediate #15085 please..


katie meloy    March 27 at 4:07pm

Updated on here


Bill Vaughn    March 27 at 1:56pm

Do I need to bring my generator? Any "infrastructure" pieces we need to account for?

eric centanni   March 28 at 8:01am

electricity in the pavillion. i wouldnt let you down like that, in many other ways, but never cold food maaaaan.

drummer coughlin    March 27 at 1:49pm

better sign me up 32159 open