Churchill Park Doubles FUNdraiser

Sunday, May 6, 2012 at Churchill Park in Liberty Township, Ohio
Disc golf doubles tournament


About this tournament

With the first basket of the course getting installed, we are stoked to be able to offer up more FUNdraising tournaments at Churchill Park for the warmer months.

This will be a Best-Shot Doubles format. We would like to try an A pool/B pool setting and set an A player with a B player on each team to make sure things are even for any newer players in this tournament.

If you want to make some extra cash, and if you have an overflow of discs, bring em out! We'll set up a vendor row with everyone and let people choose what disc they wanna get for their payouts and you will be paid accordingly.

Just like last year, we will be having portable baskets on temporary hole layouts. So if you have a basket and you can make it, please do! The holes will be set up pretty similar to what they will be when the course is in a permanent setting but again, there will be some that are only laid out for this tournament for fun and won't actually be installed on a permanent layout.

Lunch is on us! We will be having some food on the grill, not sure what yet.

There will be CTP set up on our new permanent basket for 1.00/2 shots
There will also be an ace race set up with one of the temporary baskets for 1.00/shot - we will run the Ace Race for a half hour. If no one hits it, the pot will be reverted into course funds. However, if someone hits, they get the pot.
If an ace pot is wanted, we will have one (same as ace race, if no hits, reverts to course funds).

There will also be some Champion Katanas up for sale at a lower price in order to get on to our next FUNdraiser disc - Wizards.

Cost for this tournament is going to be 20.00 and will break down like this:
6.00 - course improvements
3.00 - lunch
6.00 - payout
You will be paid out based on a PDGA payout board, so the more people who show up, the more you can win!

And as always, everyone will walk away with something!


Churchill Park
Liberty Township, OH   Get Directions