CCRs Mando Madness

Saturday, May 19, 2012 at Grand Woods Park in Lansing, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


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About this tournament

Hole 1) PINEGATE: Drives must travel between the two pine trees in the fairway. This includes upshots as well; consider the pines a gateway to the basket.
Hole 2) SMALL HOLE, SMALL DISC: Must use your mini as a driver off the tee. [NO METAL OR DOUBLED MINIS!]
HOLE 3) WHAT A PUTT: The only type of disc that can be used on hole three is a putter. If you lose your putter while playing the hole, a 7 must be marked for your score.
HOLE 4) O. G.: Ribbon will be tied on a tree; all shots will be played to the left side of the tree with said ribbon. So old hole four is back up and over, or around, no cutting through the sissy gap.
HOLE 5) DISC OR DYE: Only discs to be used - tie dyed. Driver, mid range, putter or all three, does not matter as long as it is tie dyed; stenciled disc do not count.
HOLE 6) WHATS FAIR ABOUT THIS WAY: Must drive to the right side of the group of trees that hug the water. There will be a ribbon, again play to the right side of said ribbon. Play the fairway not the water.
HOLE 7) THUMBER or TOMMIE: Just as it reads, your drive off the tee must be a thumber or a tommie you pick which one.
HOLE 8) HOLY ROLLER: Forehand or backhand your choice. Just watch out for the water on both sides it is out of bounds.
HOLE 9) STAND AND DELIVER: Must stand still; no run up’s, and throw with your off hand.
HOLE 10) BIZARRO WORLD: Drive with a putter and putt with a driver. From the tee to the creek you can only use putters. Once you cross the creek you can only use drivers. Better park this hole I suppose!
HOLE 11) RIM JOB: Must drive with rim up and face plate down. Sounds nasty and it is!
HOLE 12) SCREW YOUR NEIGHBOR: Since we are playing nasty - 1 picks 2, 2 picks 3, 3 picks 4, 4 picks 1. On the drive only pick a disc out of your bag, or their bag, and have them take a poke.
SHORT 13) SASQUATCH: A very small tee box will be painted behind the pine; you must play inside this box. Foot faults get no warning, just a stroke, and you will have to rethrow. So Watch For foot Faults!
HOLE 14) FANCY FEET: NOW let’s see your foot work with a 360 drive. Shooter must do a Three-Hundred and Sixty degree run up, no scissor step, or x step, or cross step, or whatever it is called.
HOLE 15) SKILLS: Must putt from outside of the painted circle. Any shot landing inside of ring; without going in the basket, must be brought out to where you crossed the paint and putted. Strokes do count, so putt well.
HOLE 16) CURTIS GAP: Our Friend, Curtis Smith, likes to throw his drive above the dead tree on the left side of the fair way. In honor of this gnarly gap you must drive to the left side of ribbon that you will see tied into the dead tree. Or as commonly referred to as, “Curtis Tree”.
HOLE 17) TREENIED: Play the left gap only. Again play left of ribbon and good luck. I don’t think that many will make it through without touching some wood.
HOLE 18) SKINNY GAP: Must play between the two ribbons tied off in the trees. An easy one, right?


Current Standings

Round 1: Grand Woods Park - West course Grand Woods Park, Mando course, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Grand Woods Park - West course Grand Woods Park, Mando course, 18 holes, par 54
1Mitchs Winters5758
2Damian Redman6455
2Derek Kristofferson5861
4mike spagnuolo6060
5Jonny Kroll6160
6Matt Rinker6260
7Adam Standish6464
8Josh Siwek6763
12Jon Mcgeachy73-
Round 1: Grand Woods Park - West course Grand Woods Park, Mando course, 18 holes, par 54
Round 2: Grand Woods Park - West course Grand Woods Park, Mando course, 18 holes, par 54
1Jerry Reis6464
3Marc Doonnan7170
4Justin Abram7574
5Michael "Monkey" Gary7576