CCR Open

PDGA logoSat-Sun, August 2-3, 2014 at Burchfield Park in Holt, Michigan
A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Sorry, no cashless pre-reg for this event You may sign up on this site or mail payments to- Capital City Ren ... more
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Matt Rinker    3 hours ago

Check-in will be at Grand Woods, Friday August 1st from 10 am to 8 pm. This is where you'll pickup your player packs and programs and get all the info you need for the weekend. If you cannot make it to Fridays check in, look at the "about" page to see where your Pool will start play Saturday and check-in there. You will not be able to get your player pack til Saturday Night at the players party at Grand Woods if you don't check in early.


D.J. Seehase    2 days ago

Is the renegade trail layout posted on main page still accurate or will we possibly be playing more than 18 there using both baskets on some holes?

Matt Rinker   2 days ago

It is posted as is. No extra holes at either burchfield course.

D.J. Seehase   7 hours ago

ok thanks jc

Max Saxton    4 days ago

For some reason I can not register because my PDGA is not current, according to the scene. How do I fix this? I am current until December.

Joshua Seaver   4 days ago

Did you click the box that says your current also is your pdga number linked to your profile

Matt Rinker   4 days ago

Did you get that figured out, max? You can always pay me at league, if you'd like.

Max Saxton   3 days ago

There was t a box to check for being current. Just had to type current into the notes/comment box.

Marquita Bernard    5 days ago

I just saw that my pdga membership had to be current to register for this tournament. I just renewed, but it says it might take 10 days to show.... guess I'm lucky I looked early enough... well maybe, 10 days is the 2nd of August... Am I going to have a problem?

Marquita Bernard   5 days ago

I just recieved an email from pdga saying they recieved my orded, it says most tourney directors will accept that... Do I really need to wait until the end of next week to sign up for this tourney?

Chris Booker   4 days ago

just click the Im am current button when registering..

Lori Merriman    5 days ago

Are any FPO planning on playing?

Matt Rinker   5 days ago

I hope so!!

Cassidy Mayne    6 days ago

Anyone traveling from the Ann Arbor/ Ypsilanti area? I would love to carpool if possible!!! I drive 1 day you the other?


Matt Rinker    6 days ago

Holes 14 & 15 have changed on rivers edge. 14s basket has been lengthened making the hole 545 feet. 15s fairway is moved and is now a dead straight 300 foot hole.


Jason Sosnowski    July 19 at 11:28am

State finals berths?

Matt Rinker   July 19 at 2:26pm

Yes, there will be 8 on the weekend. I will equally distribute them based on division sizes.

Douglas McIntosh    July 18 at 7:00pm

21 holes at grand woods, is that the normal 18 plus 3 of the six extras from last year? If so which 3 ?

Matt Rinker   July 18 at 9:25pm

Yes. Original plus three, a shorter version of the first alternate, plus second to last and a shortened last.

Matt Rinker    July 18 at 12:05pm

POOL ASSIGNMENTS- Pools are capped at 72 players

A Pool - All Pros and Am1 - Renegades Trail, Rivers Edge, Grand Woods

B Pool - Am2, Am Masters, Am Grand Masters - Rivers Edge, Grand Woods, Renegades Trail

C Pool - Am3, all Am Women - Grand Woods, Renegades Trail, Rivers Edge

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Matt Rinker   July 20 at 5:51am

No prob

Cassidy Mayne   6 days ago

so is renegades trail also known as Devils Den?

Matt Rinker   6 days ago


David Lussier    July 11 at 10:56am

I am registered but have something come up on this weekend and need to pull out can you refund me?

or do I need to find a person to take my spot?

thanks look forward to your response.


Erin Oakley    July 4 at 8:39pm

Act now and see opportunity for your business to be on the players shirts by July 16th! Platinum - Title Sponsorship 2000 cash/merch (minimum 1000 cash) Name in title of tournament (The CCR Open sponsored by XXX) 3 tee signs (one at each course – choice holes) Shirt - largest logo Your own personalized banner at tournament central (largest of all other banners) Unique logo item (ex: mini disc, towel, etc...) in players pack with the opportunity to add additional materials Feature table at t ... more


Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc    June 20 at 8:29pm

Same course sched for divisions as last year

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Brian Marcinkowski   July 17 at 3:54am

What was last year schedule?

Matt Rinker   July 17 at 8:19am

I will post the pools and course assignments tonight

Brian Marcinkowski   July 18 at 10:19am

Thx that would be great to know because I might be traveling with people in different division

Joey jelati    June 19 at 11:45am

Are you giving out berths

Matt Rinker   June 19 at 1:45pm


liz waldorf    June 18 at 5:03pm

There will be lunch for purchase. The menu is home made pulled pork sandwiches,sloppy joes,hamburgers ,and hot dogs. I will also have breakfast burritos for in the morning if u forget to get breakfast. Also I will have Gatorade,pop,and red bull for purchase. If u could please let me know if ur interested so I can get a count thanks.

Matt Rinker   June 18 at 7:21pm

Lunch will be located at burchfield.

Double D   July 1 at 10:39pm

pulled pork was excellent at burchfield open, my score however, not so excellent.

liz waldorf   July 12 at 1:51pm

Ty so much. Chang in menu no breakfast. Nd no sloppy joes or hot dogs. There will be deli sandwiches instead with the hamburgers and pulled pork.

Brandon Lyons    June 13 at 11:37am

Am nat qualifier ???

Matt Rinker   June 13 at 12:17pm

I'll need to check on that. I'll get back to you

Brandon Lyons   June 25 at 3:54am

john minicuci said it was

Matt Rinker   June 25 at 7:45am

Cool. Thanks. I was waiting for a reply on an email I sent him but it never came.

Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc    May 23 at 3:17pm

50/50 & Ace Pool cost? $5 & $5?

Matt Rinker   May 24 at 8:30am

Yup. They each are per pool.

Ben Bobowski    May 7 at 8:41pm

Is there any player pack?

Matt Rinker   May 7 at 9:46pm

yes, at least a custom disc and custom dryfit shirt. Pending sponsors, there might be another item added.

Ben Bobowski   May 7 at 9:51pm

Wonderful! Thank you

Cassidy Mayne    April 19 at 11:29am

Just noticed the park has p2p. Is this covered by our entry fee or are we responsible for that day of?

Matt Rinker   April 19 at 3:50pm

Half your Pay to play covered in entry fee and the other by the club. You have to pay to park $3 resident or $5 non resident

Cassidy Mayne   April 20 at 10:01am

Thanks Matt for the quick response! Can't wait for this event. Been hearing amazing things for years so I had to sign up early!

Matt Rinker   April 20 at 11:17am

Awesome to hear!

Cole Verhagen    March 5 at 4:37pm

So if I come early Saturday and not Friday I will have to pay another 10 dollars? I would rather not drive 2 hours for 3 days just to play in a tourney.

Matt Rinker   March 5 at 8:20pm

That is correct. Unless you pay online then there is no extra fees, except PayPal.

Cole Verhagen   March 6 at 1:02pm

So if I pre register and pay online I will not be charged extra if I show up saturday?

Matt Rinker   March 6 at 2:40pm


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