Black & White Summer Skins

Sunday, July 15, 2012 at Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


About this tournament

July 15,2012
Kensington metropark, Milford, MI
Format: Skins

The tournament is a pre-register only event. With each pre-registration each player will receive a custom dyed disc from The player will be able to choose the their disc that will have the tournament logo dyed onto it.

The tournament will also have CTP prizes available for the players at a $5 buy in for the day. Prizes may include BWSwag, custom dyed discs, store credit or cash.

This is a 3-round skins tourney consisting of two rounds of 18 holes and one round of 9.

3 Rounds:
Round 1-Kensington 1-18 longs (groups based on player rating)
Round 2- Kensington 19-27 (based on rankings after round 1,short tees)
Round 3- Kensington 1-18 shorts (based on rankings after round 2)

If skins are not decided by the end of your round:
CTP to practice basket if 3 or less skins are on the line.
If there are more Kensington holes 1, 2, and 3 shorts to determine winner (and CTP to practice basket if still not decided)
CTP to practice basket will be from area between picnic bench and port-a-johns.

At the conclusion:
Top 3 get a trophy.
Top 5 cash payout

After the pre-registration you'll receive a coupon code for a free disc. That is how you will select your disc for player's pack.

Parking and greens fees will need to be paid by the players.
The online registration is being approved right now. You may also pay in person before the day of the event.


Final Results

1Joe Paczwa0 / E$82
2Stephen Eby0 / E$51
3Nate DeFrain0 / E$41
4Tim Burton0 / E$20
5Josh Frisinger0 / E$10
6Kyle Jansen0 / E
7Jimmy Jean0 / E
8Randy Gallagher0 / E
9Zach Smith0 / E
10Ted Keranen0 / E
11Andy Rednour0 / E
12Dirk Jansen0 / E
13Ben Ogden0 / E
14Caine Wiechmann0 / E
15Jason Riberas0 / E
16PJ Jean0 / E
17Ed DeVries0 / E