4 Headed Monster at Dallas City Park

Sunday, January 19, 2014 at Dallas City Park in Dallas, Oregon
Disc golf teams tournament


4 Headed Monster at Dallas City Park graphic
Director Dallas Trower

About this tournament

Oh yes gonna bring in the new year with something crazy. 4 headed monster at Dallas city park. what is that you say? well its like a 3 headed monster but with a 4th. so this is gonna be a 20 hole layout. normal 18 with some twists and 2 added temp holes. so your still wondering what this 4headed monster is??? well its simple. each player has to use 5 of their drives. once a player has used all 5 of their drives they are no longer allowed to drive but can continue to putt and approach. so you step up to your first hole you all have 5 drives remaining. all 4 of you drive and you play partner 3's drive. only partner 1,2,4 can putt and approach that hole. so if you take your drive your done throwing that hole. this format prevents teams from having 1,2 people drive every hole and have the other partners piggy back. this forces all 4 partners to work as a team and decide whats best for the team each hole. oh ya did I forget to say this is 2 ROUNDS. oh yes 2 rounds on the 20 hole layout with all sorts of crazy OB that will drive you insane. $15 per person so $60 a team. THERE WILL BE MULTIPLE CASH CTP'S. AS WELL AS SOME FAT PAYOUTS TO THE WINNING TEAMS!!! Get together your team and get to Dallas January 19th.

Hole 1- Mando left side of first tree. OB- Water, on sidewalk and over.
Hole 2- OB- water and on and over sidewalk to the right.
Hole 3- OB- on or over sidewalk or on road. blacktop walkway is safe.
Hole 4- Island Hole, Must land in the grass. Road to the right is OB and sidewalk and over is OB. Sidewalk behind the pin is OB on and over. MUST LAND IN THE GRASS. NOT BARKDUST, GRASS. If all partners go OB there is a dropzone between trees in front of teepad to shoot a 3p shot from. Any OB is automatic dropzone. Even if you all putt OB go back to dropzone. must land in between the sidewalk and rocks in the island.
Hole 5- OB- Water and cement behind building.
Hole 6- Tee off between flags by bathrooms. OB- Water, Sidewalk and over. Must land on grass. If all players go OB dropzone is normal teepad for 6.
Hole A- Teeoff from flags by park exit up the road from 6's basket. throw to temp basket in hole 7's fairway. OB- road and over to the right and blacktop walkway and over to the left into 11's fairway. barkdust islands are safe. if all partners go OB go to dropzone marked in the barkdust island.
Hole 7- Teeoff from flags in fairway to normal 7's basket. OB- Road and over and blacktop walkway and over into 11's fairway. if all players land OB take it from last in bound postion.
Hole 8- OB- in creek and sidewalk and over behind pin. Blacktop is safe. sidewalk right before pin is OB if fully on top. OB line painted on ground by creek.
Hole 9- Mando right side of marked tree. OB- in creek and left of painted OB line.
Hole 10- OB- road and over and road behind pin.
Hole 11- OB- on blacktop walkway and over into 7’s fairway.
Hole 12- OB- in creek and over fence to the left.
Hole 13- OB- creek. after you finish the hole go slightly downhill to blacktop walkway for next hole.
Hole B- Teeoff between flags on blacktop walkway on hill. OB- on blacktop walkway and left, road, blacktop walkway and behind the pin. After you finish the hole go straight uphill to next hole. if all go OB must retee for 3.
Hole 14- OB- blacktop walkway and right into 15’s fairway.
Hole 15- OB- blacktop walkway and right
Hole 16- OB- Road and over and blacktop walkway and over.
Hole 17- OB- Road and over
Hole 18- OB- Sidewalk and over, Road, Water. If both partners go OB drop zone is on cement.


Final Results


Justin Holton$33.00 for Hole 12 on Main course, 4HeadedMonster
Kevin Allen$33.00 for Hole 5 on Main course, 4HeadedMonster
Steven Cook$33.00 for Hole 3 on Main course, 4HeadedMonster