2nd Annual Waterloo Challenge!

Sat-Sun, October 11-12, 2014 at Waterloo in Lebanon, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

PROUDLY PRESENTED BY: Wingers & Flingers Pacific Jack Boots & Gear Disc-Dog-Disc-Grabber.... http://www.dis ... more
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Mr. Snap    September 3 at 1:53pm


The Next 20 Peeps To Sign Up Will Receive Receive 2 Extra Raffle Tickets When You Check In For The Event on Oct. 11th....see ya soon!!!!


Mr. Snap    September 2 at 11:28am


Congratulations to the first 20 peeps to sign up.....you will all receive a Waterloo Tee Pad Fundraiser Disc when you checkin for the event on Oct. 11th.....there are Glow Terns / Glow Firebirds and some rare Metal Flake Champion Gators...let me know what discs you wanting...and see ya soon!!!!

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Brian Hausotter   September 3 at 5:33pm

Gator bud!!!

Steve Jones   September 3 at 11:36pm

glow firebird please

Erik Gyllenskog   September 4 at 9:41am

a gator would be sweet!!

Aaron Summers    September 2 at 9:35am

Sign me up

Mr. Snap   September 2 at 11:24am

No prob bud

kyle h    August 26 at 3:58pm

put me in on this one

Mr. Snap   August 26 at 5:03pm

boo ya!

Rick Saffeels    August 23 at 10:28pm

Just got my schedule :( if was the 18-19 I could actually make it. I know this is going be awesome! Have fun!

Mr. Snap   August 24 at 1:12pm

bummer man...we'll get ya in a LOO event eventually...

Rick Saffeels   August 24 at 1:54pm

I know I've only made one ever!

Mr. Snap    August 20 at 3:22pm

Last Years Results....all this with only 24 peeps and a smaller buy in and less prizes...this year gonna be epic!!!


Cash Payouts went to top 12...discs and prizes went to the rest...I just put a $ amount to represent that they got something.


Dayna Reed    August 19 at 1:00am

Hi, I would like to donate prizes for your event… as well as entering… check out www.discdogdiscgrabber.com and give me a call… dayna 541.490.7446

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Dayna Reed   August 19 at 9:48pm

Great. so how do i register

Mr. Snap   August 19 at 10:09pm

just need your email you use for your profile on here or your pdga number

Dayna Reed   August 19 at 10:57pm

coolu2026. 67635u2026 thanks

Mr. Snap    August 18 at 10:05am

Ok The "big Pile" picture is posted...all of the stuff in the flyer pic is up for grabs at the event....some of what is pictured includes:

DD Soldier Bag!

A Stack of Trny Shirts!

A Few Trny and Club Hats!

A Bunch Of Trny/Club and Rare Mini's!

A Bunch of Trny/First Run and Rare Discs!

A Few Trny Towels!

And Swag Swag Swag For Days!

$600+ worth of prizes and plastic....come and get it!

Matt Bressler   August 20 at 7:50pm

That's a hell of a haul you got building out there. Good swag!

Mr. Snap   August 21 at 2:05am

For Sure...if our players missed an event this year and maybe some from past years they'll still have a last chance to get something brand new from sed event....I count prizes or disc from 32 different events in that pic...and their still more to come!!!

Mr. Snap   August 21 at 2:13am

Also not in the pic is a grip of brand new DiscDogDiscGrabbers from our friend Dayna Reed up north...check em out!! http://www.diskgolfdiskgrabber.com gonna be just right for the LOO!

Mr. Snap    August 13 at 1:08pm

Waterloo County Park has a very nice camping area...near the river and a long drive away from the DG course....theres also a dog park and playground and fishing spots...heres the link for the parks web page http://www.linnparks.com/pages/parks/waterloo.html ...see ya on the green!

Mr. Snap   August 13 at 1:10pm

also some very limited space in my yard in lebanon "12min from the loo" will be available to those in need of a spot and on a tight budget...you know cuz its free!

Mr. Snap   August 13 at 9:07pm

and when i say "Long Drive" i mean with a disc...

Paul Compton-PortlandMobileDiscLab    August 3 at 1:39am

This is the one tournament of the year I'm gonna' try to make -- I wanna' come spend a weekend with The Southern Contigency!

ROGUE RIDER   August 3 at 2:22am


Brian Hausotter   August 3 at 9:51am

Hell yeah Paul

Dallas Trower   August 3 at 11:26am

deep south? hahaha there's still like 200 miles more south. we will just call you the inbetweeners. haha

Dallas Trower    August 2 at 2:28am

64209 please.

Mr. Snap   August 2 at 1:19pm

now its a party....

Brent Cameron    August 1 at 7:52pm


Mr. Snap   August 1 at 8:07pm

and so as it is written, the champion has returned!!!.....

Nick Montano    July 25 at 12:18pm

I would like to sign up.

Mr. Snap   July 25 at 12:37pm

nice...you got an email or pdga number you want me to link up?

Nick Montano   July 25 at 12:39pm

[email redacted] No PDGA number yet. Thank you

Rud Adam    July 24 at 11:30pm

Very Cool.... Sign me Up!

Mr. Snap   July 25 at 12:12am


Erik Hayworth    July 18 at 6:49pm

count me in. this was a lot of fun last year. [email redacted]


Slick Willie    July 15 at 11:51pm

Count me in too!!


Erik Gyllenskog    July 15 at 4:03pm

Count me in for intermediate,#61140...Thanks Snap!