Mike Gastin

Ohio, USA Righty - backhand

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Main course

20 Hole Layout · 20 holes · Par 60 Not played

Best score
Friends' best scores
159Chris Dalton
Average score
Friends' averages
No statsAverages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
56.5Bryan Ricco
57.7Adam Woodward
57.8Brian Parsons
58.3Larry Bright Jr.
59.0Matt Dungan
59.3PK Deaner
59.5Greg Platt
60.3Bill Perry
60.8Frank Lyons
60.8Greg Garrett
61.0brian a
61.0Ron McCollum
61.5Bill Vaughn
61.8Jeffrey Cheese Sova
62.5Jon DeCapua
62.7Pat Fortunato
64.2Joseph Cruz
64.8Mike Thomas
65.0Brian Shega
65.3Mike Hammontree
65.4eric wernet
66.3Tim kaihlanen
67.5Jason Parsons
67.6RJ Roth
67.7Jerome "J3" Borris
67.8eric " Sharky " boyd
68.5Bob Becker
71.0Bill "The Ninja" Savage
71.7Jon Gensel
72.3Joe Michelini
74.0James Humphrey
Averages require 3+ rounds

21 Hole Layout · 21 holes Not played

Alt 18 - #3 to #18 w/ A and B · 18 holes Not played

Back 9 · 9 holes Not played

Front 9 · 9 holes Not played

Regular tees · 18 holes · Par 54 Not played

Best score
Friends' best scores
149Chris Dalton
256Jay Kovach
Average score
Friends' averages
154.0Chris Dalton
Averages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
48.8Nick Schultz
51.0Ian Kuehn
51.3Brian Parsons
51.8Kevin Daney
51.8Frank Lyons
52.0Matt Dungan
52.8PK Deaner
53.1Larry Bright Jr.
53.3eric wernet
53.6Greg Bergquist
54.0Jon DeCapua
54.0Chris Dalton
54.3melissa martin
55.7Benjamin Wolfe
55.8Greg Garrett
56.3Mike Broda
56.7Bill Perry
57.3David Tilson
57.7David Le Pere
57.8james moose graham
58.5Eric Cherry
58.8ManFred "The Basket Molester"
58.8Rowdy Yates
59.0Christopher Carver
60.3Kevin Hitch
60.6Bob Becker
60.8James Humphrey
61.0Brian Shega
61.3Joshua Lammerding
62.3katie meloy
63.3jeremiah mowery
64.3Bill "The Ninja" Savage
64.3Steve Loescher
64.7Mitchell Sintic
Averages require 3+ rounds