Josh Wainscott

Colorado, USA Righty - backhand

Josh's reviews

Beaver Meadows Resort Ranch › June 15, 2013
Frisco Peninsula Rec Area › September 4, 2012
Cool Course, but not a lot of shot variety. Primarily Left to Right shots. This would be a nice course if the pine beatles weren't killing the trees.
Lester Lorch ParkBeaver › June 1, 2012
Brady Disc Golf Course › October 22, 2011
Nice to have 18 holes, but there's not a lot of variety.
The Outback › October 15, 2011
Great course variety, long and short shots. Nice woodsy feel, only downside is that it is very technical and tight, and no easy access bathrooms or water.
Dry Creek Parkway › August 7, 2011
Lester Lorch ParkCoyote › April 5, 2011
Very tight technical course that weaves it's way through a rocky hilly terrain. Very short holes, I used my putter to drive 60% of the holes, and only pulled out a driver twice.
Optimist › January 8, 2011
Very nice course that is maintained well. Course has a variety of not only shot and hole styles but natural backgrounds as well. There is a large lake that comes into play on two hole and will eat your discs if not careful. The back is in a nicely wooded area that gives a nice change of pace. Worth the trip!
Harlow Platts Park › January 8, 2011
Pioneer Park › January 8, 2011
Nice place to take the kids to learn how to play. Very short holes and potential to throw into someones yard.
University of N. Colorado › January 8, 2011
A very nicely maintained 9 hole course that works its way around the campus. It have a good variety of short and long holes, however there is not much change in ways throw off the tee. Nice thing though is bathrooms most of the year and the course is on a huge hill so not alot of standing water.
Frontier Park › January 8, 2011
This is an excellent 18 hole course that is very enjoyable. Some very technical shots mixed in with a good deal of open holes. Large creek comes into play on several holes and can eat discs since some of the holes are blind. Beautiful man-made waterfall that adds to the courses charm.
Edora Park › January 8, 2011
Very well manicured 18 hole course that allow for a variety of shots and shot styles. Creek comes into play on several holes, and while there are not truly short holes there is enough diversity to keep the game interesting. Down side is crazy busy, you might have to wait to tee of for 20 minutes.
Benedict Park › January 8, 2011
Very nicely spaced 9 hole course that works itself around in a circle. Creek comes into play on a couple of hole but not really a big problem. Nice changes in distance. Down side is a couple of holes are very close to a soccer field and if there are any games scary times for hitting people.
Epple Park › January 8, 2011
Very nice speed course. Only six holes but various pin placements and creek make for interesting rounds. Down sides are six holes and heavy traffic.
River Ranch Disc Golf Course › December 20, 2010
Oxbow › October 16, 2010