Chadwick - Acerbinky

Oregon, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Main course

Regular tees · 18 holes · Par 54 Played once

63 Best score
Friends' best scores
144Brody Cannon
248- scottishrob -
350Sean "handicapped" Phillips
350Shaun Kirk
552Jeremy Fancher
753Lucky .
954- Gwillim -
1055Mat Critter
1055Brian Vierck
1256TREE Sines
1256Tim "Timmbo" Wenrich
1256Da Paperboy
1557Allen "Big Al" Babikoff
1557Chris Faudree
1557Tim "Skip" Becker
1858Phil Schmidt
1858Casey Kimball
1858Callahan Maxwell
2159Jason Abell
2159andy Mann
2360steven " The Baker" sands
2360TOE "Tee Off Even Under Pressure" UP
2360kelly heard
2360Chris "Doc"
2761JimBONUS Gower
2862Mike "MikeBoo" Robarge
2862Josh Marcella
2862Jennie Cartwright
2862Mike Wilson
3263Dustin Keys
3263David Walker
3263Chadwick - Acerbinky
3564Andy Verhoeven
3564Cindy McMahan
3564flavio f
3866Steven Egler
3866Estherhouse -
4067Jason "Rage" morton
4067Cameron "overrated" ficker
4268Ebee Pinca
4268Kevin Sweeley aka ONE LIVID MIND
4469Mr. Snap
45186Brock Ward
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63.0 Average score
Friends' averages
153.0Sean "handicapped" Phillips
253.2- scottishrob -
353.3Shaun Kirk
456.0Brian Vierck
557.8Lucky .
759.2Jeremy Fancher
859.5Da Paperboy
961.0Tim "Timmbo" Wenrich
1061.5Jason Abell
1163.0Chadwick - Acerbinky
1263.7Dustin Keys
1263.7Mike "MikeBoo" Robarge
1464.8David Walker
1565.3Chris "Doc"
1667.7Cindy McMahan
1771.7Tim "Skip" Becker
18108.3Ebee Pinca
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Similar averages
53.0Sean "handicapped" Phillips
53.2- scottishrob -
53.3Shaun Kirk
53.3Andrew Downey
53.8Dallas Trower
54.8Mark Harryman
55.7Michael "Parker" Ray
56.0Brian Vierck
56.7Marcus Crespi
56.8Glenn 'JPSnuffy' Higgs
57.5Charlie Norris
57.8Lucky .
58.0Daniel Guill
59.0McKenzie Baldwin
59.2Jeremy Fancher
59.5Da Paperboy
60.0Jake La "Putt" ka
60.0chris graham
60.3Joel Jones "Jonesy"
61.0Patrick Darr
61.0Slick Willie
61.0Tim "Timmbo" Wenrich
61.5Jason Abell
62.0Steven Winslow
62.4Miles Murray
63.0Ryan Cole
63.2mike palermo
63.7Dustin Keys
63.7Mike "MikeBoo" Robarge
64.8David Walker
65.3Chris "Doc"
65.7Sally West
65.7Bryce "The Gecko" Peters
67.7Cindy McMahan
68.0Jared Bryner
71.7Tim "Skip" Becker
72.8Nichola Landry
73.3Heather Mcgeachy
75.5Roy Peters
108.3Ebee Pinca
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Regular tees 3x · 54 holes · Par 162 Not played

Best score
Friends' best scores
1159Sean "handicapped" Phillips
2162Ken Gilmore
2162Mat Owens
4169Jeff Hagerty
4169Mat Critter
6173Travis Head
7177Michael Phillips
8181Jason Abell
9186steven " The Baker" sands
9186Brock Ward
11188Dustin Keys
12197David Walker
13215Nicholas "LUSH" Somppi
14217Ebee Pinca
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No statsAverages require 3+ rounds