Swami Jerry Swain

Georgia, USA Righty - backhand

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Ace 12/28/14
Ace 11/29/14
Cashed 11/29/14
Placed 11/9/14
Ace 7/14/14
Ace 6/25/14

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-3 51
Nov 29 '14
The Sinks · Chattanooga, TN
The Sinks, BTXII Short Layout, 18 holes
E 55
Nov 29 '14
Chickamauga Dam Park · Chattanooga, TN
Chickamauga Dam Park, BTXII, Short Tees, 18 holes
+7 68
Nov 9 '14
Hippodrome · North Augusta, SC
Old Glory, Blue, 20 holes


PDGA# 65100

Upcoming Tournaments

IDGC Ice Bowl
January 24 · Appling, GA
PDGA C-Tier singles tournament
Pre-registered, Recreational division


Champion Banshee

- new

Champion Beast

- new

Champion Firebird

167g - new

Quick turn overstable

Star Mamba


Understable turn

Star Teebird

135g - new

Uphill Overstable shots


Star Wraith

Star Rancho Roc

Star Ontario Roc

Champion Roc3

170g - used

go to disc

DX Wolf

180g - new

very short understable shots

Blow Fly

Blow Fly

167g - new

Putts that are on hills

Favorite clubs

Favorite courses

The Crucible · Athens, GA
The Sinks · Chattanooga, TN