Mike M

Ontario, Canada Righty - forehand

Mike's reviews

University of Guelph Magnolia › October 30, 2013
Decent nine hole course with very different shots required from short and long tees.
Sydney Olympic Park › December 3, 2012
Unless it's changed in the last few years, I don't think this is actually an 18 hole course. It's 9 with 2 different tee pads. Pretty open. Some ok holes, but an absolute trek to get to this course.
Waterworks › November 30, 2012
Another course I played in my first year playing and don't remember much of. Need to get back to it. I played 18 of the 27 holes that are there. Tightly wooded with some really challenging shots.
V.A. Barrie Park › November 30, 2012
Probably my favourite course out St. Thomas way. Reminds me of Bronte a little with some more open holes. Massive elevation on two holes playing up and down hill.
Richlands-Steed Park › November 30, 2012
There's so many better courses in the area, it's hard to recomend this one. It's just kind of there. A few interesting holes, but overall not worth replaying for me.
Northeast Creek Park › November 30, 2012
A little confusing to get around the first time you play it. Nice variety of shots and terrain.
Lake Whittaker Conservation Park › November 30, 2012
Tight course with alot of OB. I played this my first year playing and don't have all that much recollection of it other than there was a lot of very similiar shots in terms of length and hitting a tunnel gap.
Joe Eakes Park › November 30, 2012
Hot and dusty course on the beach. Not alof of variety here. Woudl much rather make the drive and play Castle Hayne instead.
Hornets Nest Park › November 30, 2012
Great course, will absolutely expose every flaw in your game. Incredibly well maintained.
Farmview › November 30, 2012
Interesting layout. A few too many gimmicky holes and the mounds play on too many holes making it a little repetitive. Worth playing a couple times a year.
Evergreen Fields › November 30, 2012
I've played this course twice now. I liked it alot, but it's a bit of a challenge to get around for your first couple times playing. Pretty short holes and not alot of variety of shots.
Camp Fortune › April 13, 2013
Plays on a ski hill, so a challenging workout in the summer heat. Well taken care of with some nice holes, but a few holes also feel a little forced into the space and other than elevation, not a lot of variety in a lot of the shots. Very RHBH friendly course.
Algonquin Disc Golf › November 30, 2012
i only have played this course during the 2012 Black Fly and was really imressed by it. I've heard it's taken some storm damage since that has changed some of holes. Nice variety of shots. Probably only some tee pads and signage away from an A- for me
Ajax - Annandale Golf and Curling Club › August 31, 2012
Liked this course quite abit. The people there could not have been friendlier. Some really long holes including 1,16 and 18. Couple ridiculously short holes and one hole I can't understand. Hole 9 might be one of the worst disc golf holes I've ever played. Overall though -- hopefully more people will try this course out. I'll be back.
FDR State Park › May 22, 2012
Great course. Really good flow to it with a lot of variety of shots. One of my favourites.
Mohawk DGC › May 22, 2012
Decent course. Fairly short holes that are well protected. Tee pads are a little on the hazordous side. i like playing this course a few times a year and you can usually play a round here pretty quick.
Sugaw Creek Park › May 11, 2012
Awesome course with a great varierty of lengths and shots. Played it twice as part of Carolina Clash. A few holes seems to play a little close together, but that's likely only a factor in a tournament and doesn't detract from a really high quality course.
Robert Caldwell Bradford Park › May 11, 2012
Fun course. Played it as part of Carolina Clash and didn't like it quite as much as Sugaw, but maybe partly because the fairways were a little slick. Still a really good course that I hope to get out to again.
Christie Lake Conservation Area › November 22, 2012
The more I play this course, the more I like it. It could only go uphill from the first time i played it and was losing well thrown discs in the poorly cut fairways. Things have changed completely and the course in great shape. Good mix of holes and one of the most challenging set of long tees anywhere in Ontario.
Mint Hill Park › November 30, 2012
Pretty solid 9 hole course. Starts off pretty easy, but them features some nice holes with a little more length and challenge to them. Good use of elevation as well.
Squirrel Lake Park › May 11, 2012
Terribly confusing layout and very little variety in shots. All tightly wooded holes that play in a nearly identical way. It's a 12 hole course, but not sure there's even a good 9 to be made here.
Steen Park › March 10, 2012
Surprisingly good little course. Tee Pads are a bit of a joke (ridiculously small) Alot of holes also play pretty close together which is a potential hazard, but other than that... really good use of the available space.
Toronto Island Park › February 7, 2012
Good course. Probably considered the best in Ontario (though I still slightly prefer Bronte). It's got good flow and a nice variety of shots. It's a pain to get to -- get downtown, catch a ferry, walk 15 mintues, etc... but... that doesn't change the great course waiting once you get there.
Centennial Park › February 7, 2012
There's the potential for a good course in here somewhere in the mixture of open, unmarked tees for the first 18(or however many baskets are actually in ground)... the last 9 - 19-27 are really the only holes worth playing and they are pretty solid with some pretty long holes and interesting challenges.
White Spruce Park › April 13, 2013
Solid course with a lot of challenging holes (especially from the longs) Very short and forgiving for the most part. Can usually save par after a bad drive here (except on 18 which is sort of a ridiculous par 3 from the longs)
Castle Hayne Park › March 30, 2012
I've played about 30 courses in the last few years and this along with Valley Springs in North Carolina stand out as my favourites. Great coruse in terrific shape. Challenging, but fair. Great mix of required shots.
Bronte Creek Provincial Park › May 13, 2013
Probably my favourite course in Ontario. Varied layouts with longs/shorts and up to 3 basket positions per hole. When everything is in the C's, it's one of the most challening courses around.