josh pierce

Washington, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Main course

Regular tees · 9 holes · Par 27 Played 3 times

27 Best score
Friends' best scores
121Jason "Saui" Sauermilch
222- Gwillim -
222David "Switch" Strom
222Jason Back
523Jeremy Beckwith
624Jared Kastleman
725Bill Robins
826Steve Carson
927Steve Ellsworth
927josh pierce
927Nate Clark
927Dan Brown
1328Kansas Chris
1328Chad C
1328Jeremy "Unit" Sines
1629Mateo of Hylton Baskets
1731Shawn schenk
1832TREE Sines
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28.3 Average score
Friends' averages
126.5Jeremy Beckwith
227.0David "Switch" Strom
327.1Jason "Saui" Sauermilch
428.3josh pierce
528.4Jared Kastleman
629.0Steve Ellsworth
629.0Nate Clark
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Averages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
25.3Dax Osborne
25.7Roy Cuellar
26.0Joel Jones "Jonesy"
26.3Aaron Powell
26.5Jeremy Beckwith
27.0David "Switch" Strom
27.1Jason "Saui" Sauermilch
28.3josh pierce
28.4Jared Kastleman
28.7Andy Verhoeven
29.0Nate Clark
29.0Steve Ellsworth
Averages require 3+ rounds
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Regular tees 2x · 18 holes · Par 54 Not played

Best score
Friends' best scores
135Steve Carson
245Jason "Saui" Sauermilch
346Jeremy Beckwith
447David "Switch" Strom
551Chris Cordova
653Steve Ellsworth
653Nate Clark
653Jared Kastleman
653Jeremy "Unit" Sines
1055Dan Brown
1156George Bodiroga
1264TREE Sines
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Average score
Friends' averages
152.3Jason "Saui" Sauermilch
252.5Jeremy Beckwith
354.5David "Switch" Strom
354.5Steve Ellsworth
556.3Jared Kastleman
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Averages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
50.7Roy Cuellar
51.8steven " The Baker" sands
52.3Jason "Saui" Sauermilch
52.5Jeremy Beckwith
54.4ryan elston
54.5Steve Ellsworth
54.5David "Switch" Strom
56.0Josh Motzkus
56.3Jared Kastleman
59.0erik johansen
Averages require 3+ rounds