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-1 62
Nov 29
Rolling Hills County Park · Ypsilanti, MI
Long Tees 21 holes, 21 holes
E 63
Nov 29
Rolling Hills County Park · Ypsilanti, MI
21 Hole Short tee layout, 21 holes
E 54
Oct 25
Goldenrod Disc Golf Course · Davison, MI
Long tees, 18 holes


Nik LEhr    March 8, 2011 at 1:00am

I shot a 939 and 950 rated round at stony for Mudfest Woohjt :)


Jon Camp    November 13, 2010 at 12:03pm

i got my 8th ace on 8 too! lol. it was a firebird not a teebird though. you and larry playin the dubs championships tomorrow? im lookin for a last minute partner.


Jake Nave    November 13, 2010 at 3:02am

after my first round i had to take the kid i was with home then i came back up and played my second round. Thats when i hit it. Then another guy u know aced 8 right in front of my group


Jake Nave    November 12, 2010 at 6:20pm

i aced today too!!!


Jeremy- Hitman- Horton    September 30, 2010 at 9:00am

I can give ya a ride bro, just let me now


Andrew Kaluk    September 16, 2010 at 4:22pm

Happy Birthday bro


Nik LEhr    September 16, 2010 at 2:48pm

ITs MY BIrthday Woohjt !


Jeremy- Hitman- Horton    August 17, 2010 at 8:46pm

Its realy bad there this time of the year, they stop on a dime there, and coming in and out of Irish.


Nik LEhr    August 17, 2010 at 8:26pm

ass packed a ladie in front of Outdoor Adventures ...


Jeremy- Hitman- Horton    August 17, 2010 at 8:14pm

What did u do!


Andrew Kaluk    August 17, 2010 at 5:59pm

wo dude what happend to your truck?


Nik LEhr    August 17, 2010 at 3:56pm

Crashed My truck on wednesday....


terry J. gibbs    August 17, 2010 at 2:22pm

Thanks bro, it felt damn good!! Lol


terry J. gibbs    August 17, 2010 at 10:53am

we were finishing up our 2nd round when i ran into ya and i had hit the ace in round one... plus i had been celebrating pretty hard so my head was foggy as hell lol


Jeremy- Hitman- Horton    August 17, 2010 at 8:36am

Ps. Nice win : )


Steve Brown    August 17, 2010 at 8:25am

Good Job on the WIN. I wanted to play, but i smashed my RH index finger at work.


Jeremy- Hitman- Horton    August 17, 2010 at 3:56am

Thanks bro, soon am 2!


Jeremy- Hitman- Horton    August 13, 2010 at 1:26pm

U and Larry comeing to the club champs?


Gary "Jones" Chalice    July 1, 2010 at 2:46pm

Yea it was ****ty. I had a 954 and 934 rounds that got used for this update and i went down 6 points. Go back to Am3, never. I'm doin way better in Am2. Don't worry i'll probably start playing 1 by the end or beginning of the year.


Mark Stephens    June 30, 2010 at 9:29pm

So you can play open and take cash if you want as long as you do no plan on playing AM Worlds or AM Nats.

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