David Lewis

Michigan, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Placed 6/1/14
Placed 5/24/14
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Placed 5/4/14
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+2 74
Aug 31 '14
Leviathan · Ludington, MI
Mid tees, 24 holes
+4 76
Aug 31 '14
Mason County Park · Ludington, MI
Beauty, Regular tees, 24 holes
+5 77
Aug 31 '14
Flip City · Shelby, MI
Pro tees, 24 holes


PDGA# 62508

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Upcoming Tournaments

2015 DISCRAFT Great Lakes Open
May 29 · Dexter, MI
PDGA A-Tier singles tournament
Pre-registered, Intermediate division
PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships
July 18 · Gobles, MI
singles tournament
Waitlisted, Junior I - Boys division


400s D1

174g - new

Big Forehands/Backhand.

400G D2

174g - new

Slightly less OS Forehand/hyzer

400s D2

175g - new

Long Hyzers, hyzerbomb, forehand.

400G D3

174g - new

Long Drives 350- 425ft. Long Straight Fh

400s D4

174g - new

Slightly longer Straighter than d3.

400s F1

174g - new

OS Fairway, Bh and Fh

400s F1

174g - new

OS, Fh and Bh

400s F2

173g - new

Don't Use Much

400s F3

173g - used

My BABY. Use for 99% of fairway shots.

400s F3

174g - new

Backup to other

400s F7

175g - new

Backup to other F7

400s F7

175g - used

Hyzerflip, weird dogleg rights. Fh roller

300s M1

179g - new

OS Midrange

400s M1

179g - worn

Slightly Stable Midrange

300s M2

180g - new

Slightly Stable Midrange

400s M2

178g - used

Straight to Understable Midrange

300s M4

177g - worn

Understable Midrange

300s PA-1

173g - used

Main Putter

300s PA-1

174g - used

Approach/Backup Putter

300s PA-1

172g - worn

Straight to Understable Driving Putter

400s PA-1

174g - new

OS Driving Putter

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