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Iowa, USA Righty - backhand

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International Disc Golf CenterSteady Ed Headrick Memorial › August 27, 2015
This is the first course I've rated A+ and if you haven't played the IDGC, you need this in your life. Not because *I* say so, but because fundamentally it's a phenomenal course. It has everything you could ever want in a disc golf course, to say nothing of the profound justice it does to the legacy of "Steady" Ed Headrick and his impact on the game. Any hard-core disc golfer with the means and motivation owes it to him or herself to make the trek to Wildwood Park to take on these three outstand ...
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Covenant Church › January 7, 2014
Pros: - Decent course in a nice area of Greenville. - Plenty of parking even if you play Sunday morning during services. - Most holes are easy to navigate and next tees are usually indicated on the previous holes tee box. - Some really interesting, challenging lines and creative, themed baskets. #8 pops into mind right off the bat as a prime example: Shoot from the tee across the road, over a ditch/creek, up to an elevated basket on a pedestal. Interesting par 3. - Provides a nice ...
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North Campus Crossing › December 30, 2014
Pros: - Beautiful course which you can tell is well cared for. The pics of the course on this page are extremely outdated. The grass is impeccably manicured; on most holes it seemed like we were playing on a ball golf course fairway -- if not the green! Played in November when the leaves were falling and with the cotton fields next to the course in full-bloom, this course is something right out of a Norman Rockwell painting. It really is that nice. Extremely clean, too. - Great layout that ...
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West Meadowbrook Park › January 7, 2014
Good course with great potential. Lots of interesting lines. Only drawback was the traffic and the fact that #2 runs right through the soccer field that at times seems to have a pretty intense 30 vs. 30 game going on. A great course, regardless.
Barnet Park › January 7, 2014
A really fun course. Sort of the northern version of Castle Hayne. Well maintained with great amenities (park, restrooms, concessions), this course will give anyone who fancies themselves skilled a run for their money. Definitely a must-play in eastern NC.
Richlands-Steed Park › January 7, 2014
A great course to grip it and rip it on. Provides a nice change from the wooded holes around Wilmington. Sort of unreasonable pars way is a 350 hole a par 5. Nevertheless, it's not busy, it's very well-maintained, and parking is plentiful. A great course to introduce someone to disc golf.
Joe Eakes Park › January 7, 2014
Excellent course with a sweet layout. Only gripe is the trees that are so thick they seem to grab your disc and hang on to it. Keep an eye on your line if you wanna keep 'em! Regardless though, Kure Beach is still the #2 course in the Cape Fear Region, second only to The Castle.
Arrowhead Park › September 29, 2013
Hate giving Arrowhead a C+, but it's bush-league compared to Castle Hayne. It's fairly short so t's a very decent course -- perfect for a lunchtime break away from the office -- but it's VERY wooded and there's only one or two holes that really allow you to open up and let 'er rip. The foliage makes it challenging, but can also make it extremely frustrating. It's well maintained though and, despite being so close to the coast, has decent elevation changes on a couple holes. All in all it's not a bad course if you're Jonesin' for a's definitely worth checking out.
Castle Hayne Park › September 29, 2013
Well maintained with a tremendous variety of holes to keep your game sharp. Exceptional course. Castle Hayne is the PREMIER DGC in SE North Carolina. If you're visiting Wilmington you'd be doing yourself a favor by checking it out.