Natasha Lynne

Michigan, USA Righty - forehand

Natasha's reviews

Bertha Brock County Park › June 4, 2013
this course is beautifully built, challenging, secluded, and fun to play. absolutely my favorite course so far!
Fallasburg Park › June 4, 2013
i love this course, it's challenging, secluded, and very fun to play. it's a good course to play in a group or if you have a legit amount of time to kill.
Old Farm Park › June 4, 2013
it's kind of cluster f-ed, and i've almost had a disc to my dome every time i have been at this course, discs fly from one fairway to another... it's kinda like bowling into another lane and it's almost always busy to the point where if i am playing alone, i just say forget it. i do like that the holes are short, i have shoulder injuries that prevent me from throwing as far as i used to be able to, so this course is nice for me.