Paavo Stubstad

California, USA Righty - backhand

Paavo's aces

Paavo has posted 3 aces.
Picture of Hole_27 Hole 27 at Bijou Community Park · South Lake Tahoe, CA
December 1, 2013 with a Star Teebird
1 witness
The last hole of the day, and it was getting dark... the basket was in it's A-pin at 231 feet, slightly uphill.
Picture of Hole_13 Hole 13 at Lake of the Sky · Tahoe Vista, CA
October 12, 2013 with a Champion Roc3
5 witnesses
Tournament ace! No ace pot, but I got a buck from everyone at the tourney! The basket was in it's A-pin at 201 feet.
Picture of Hole_6 Hole 6 at Coyote Point at Lake Casitas · Ventura, CA
2007 with a Star Stingray
3 witnesses
A-pin. 261 feet. I got this ace only a year or two after I was introduced to disc golf. 2007 is really only an estimate... I had probably played less than 20 rounds of DG in my life at the time, and I remember I only carried 3 discs with me - no bag. The ace was a total fluke. I got a HUGE skip off a dirt road at least 60 feet from the basket.