Chaz Chinault

Virginia, USA Righty driver, Lefty putter - Backhand and forehand

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Ace 3/18/10
Ace 5/24/08

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-2 52
May 21 '09
Golden Hills · Blacksburg, VA
Mid tees, 18 holes
-8 52
Apr 20 '09
Randolph Park · Dublin, VA
Regular tees, 18 holes


PDGA# 40959


ESP Avenger SS

FLX Avenger SS

175g - new

long straight drives

Star Boss

175g - worn

slight dog legs. mainly a backhand disc for me

Champion Groove

170g - worn

short drives and short overhands

Elite Z Surge

168g - new

long range S cuts sometimes overhands for its overstability

Champion Valkyrie

169g - beat

Star Wraith

175g - worn

forearm throws

FLX Buzzz

175g - new

fairway and straight on all time favorite

Star Cro

180g - worn

Champion Roc

172g - worn

Champion Spider

168g - new

R-Pro Aviar

162g - new

R-Pro Hydra

175g - new

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Randolph Park · Dublin, VA