Tre Jones

Alaska, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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-7 47
Apr 10
Alcantra · Wasilla, AK
Regular tees 2x, 18 holes
-4 50
Apr 3
Alcantra · Wasilla, AK
Regular tees 2x, 18 holes
-13 41
Mar 27
Alcantra · Wasilla, AK
Regular tees 2x, 18 holes Doubles


Jeremy Boyd    November 8 at 9:07pm

Tre, my score from last night showed I shot a 63 actual, but I shot 53...

Tre Jones   November 8 at 9:25pm

All fixxed. I just checked the scorecard and adjusted it accordingly. Thanks for pointing that out.

Jake Haskin    October 23 at 8:19am

Need to hook me up with one of those bag tags bro!

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Tre Jones   October 24 at 10:49pm

probably not have stuff to do at the course friday night and im a bit under the weather.

Tre Jones   October 25 at 1:29am

i might be able to make it out next wednesday for glows. depending.

Jake Haskin   October 25 at 1:05pm

Aite that'd be cool. Lemme know

Jeremy Boyd    September 20 at 1:25am

Nice ace Tre! See you at Friday evening dubs at PC?

Tre Jones   September 20 at 1:46am

I won't make it out for dubs on Friday, I have to finish the stuff for my event on Sunday first. I will there early Sat morning tho.

Jeremy Boyd    September 10 at 10:30am

Glad to see you're making it to Jailhouse Roc Tre, looking forward to it!


Jeremy Boyd    June 16 at 2:03pm

Thanks again for your help at PC, the wheelbarrow was a big help for the day's work. See ya soon bro!


Jeremy Boyd    June 14 at 1:33pm

Nice ace Tre! I assume it was from the long tee you guys showed us?

Tre Jones   June 14 at 3:01pm

thanks bro! but no, it was from the box. we're shooting up close where the box is for leagues. Just cause the other tee is a hazard of being hit by players shooting on 1.

PDGA# 61510

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The 2014 Alaskan Trilogy Challenge. @ Alcantra DGC, Wasilla Alaska
May 31 · Wasilla, AK
Unsanctioned singles tournament
Pre-registered, General division


Elite Z Avenger SS

171g - used

hyzer flip up to flat/anhyzer shot. big distance


174g - used

Long open shots,

Champion Groove

175g - used

Forehand Straight to Hook shots.

Eco-Star Groove

174g - used

hard turnover forhand shots

Pinnacle Edition Rampage

175g - used

hard dogleg/sharp hook shots, mostly for getting out of a mess.


169g - used

straight forehand flick w/no left or right finish fade.

Elite Z SS Buzzz

174g - used

anhyzer fairway/short tee shots


179g - new

hyzer bombs/turnover shots.


171g - used

mid - backhand straight with medium hook @ end of flight fairway/short tee shots.


175g - used

300 and less ft straight/minimal hook fairway/short tee shots.

Champion Ontario Rhyno

171g - used

bangin chains


170g - beat

main putter

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Alaska Pacific University · Anchorage, Alaska
Alcantra · Wasilla, AK
Kincaid Park · Anchorage, AK
Westchester Lagoon Park · Anchorage, AK