joe bettencourt

Massachusetts, USA Righty - overhand

joe's reviews

Buffumville LakeLong Course › April 5, 2013
Barre Falls › February 6, 2013
a little confusing at times locating next hole,some cross others,and you don't know what Tee boxes go with which baskets.
Devens DGCThe Hill › January 30, 2013
too hilly and actually a bit dangerous for hiking in spots.well kept and,clean very crowded with people who think theyre pros taking forever to throw a disc
Coggshall Park › January 30, 2013
just in too poor of a city to be properly kept up and they wont let citizens help.
Borderland State Park › January 30, 2013
awesome variety of holes for all skill levels and throwing styles.well worth the hour and a half drive from me.just beautiful landscaping
Goodnow Park › January 30, 2013
great short game practice,not very well marked so youre forced to kind of make up holes as you go,wich makes it interesting.overall could be an amazing coarse with a couple guys and some landscaping equipment.