Scott Ruskanen

Wyoming, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Scott's reviews

Dry Creek Parkway › November 22, 2013
Dry Creek is not dry... lets get that out of the way right now. Bring the right gear for dealing with creeks, ponds, and mud. That said... Dry Creek is one fun course. You have a good variety of tee shots, approaches, and some thread the needle shots. Multiple basket locations on every hole make for an ever changing course if they keep with the theme of moving them around a lot. Some nicely mowed grassy areas invite the roller. A meandering Dry Creek comes into play a lot and those SOB's in char ...
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Bullsnake Alley › September 10, 2013
This course has just been put in... No signage or permanent tee boxes yet. The front nine are a technical bunch while the back nine opens up for the long throwers. There are a couple baskets located by a lot of cacti, just like CDGC, you can avoid most slivers by staying to the right. The use of elevation outweighs the unfriendly cactus by far. This is a FUN course! Between this course and Casper Disc Golf Course, there are 36 baskets of ever changing shots.
Oxbow › May 13, 2013
Where are the markers in the parking lot stating that a disc golf course exists? After finding hole one, I took time to nitice that this is one beautiful area. What a great place to put a disc golf course! Although this area is plush with greenery, water only comes into play on 11... dont throw long there. On hole 5 I noticed a 5 foot bullsnake winding through the not to tall grass. As I caught up to mr. snake, he turned and tried to convince me that he was a rattlesnake. I didn't fall for i ...
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Edora Park › May 21, 2013
I pulled up to Edora Park and noticed right away that this multi function activity area is obviously one of Fort Collins' favorite places to go and walk a dog, go for a nice bike ride, go jogging, play horseshoes, and a gaggle of other activities that get the blood moving through ones veins. My round started off nice and easy with an up shot that slid along the finely kept grass that blankets the entire course.My first shot on hole 2 landed right next to the mid sized stream that parralels the ...
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Casper DGC › May 21, 2013
Casper Disc Golf Course has a variety of vegitation and natural looking surroundings. After parking at the North Casper Softball Park, players must navigate over the North Platte River on a nicely built pedestrian bridge. The first thing disc throwers notice after a couple turns is that there are no signs of civilization except for the well maintained bike path... and of course, the single function dics golf course. The scerene backdrop is pleasing to the eye and more than likely, you will see m ...
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