David Bihl

Michigan, USA Righty driver - Backhand and forehand

David's reviews

Addison Oaks County Park › May 27, 2014
I really love this course. Playing hole 1 and hole 4 are my favorites but the entire course just has a great flow to it. Woods, open shots short and long. The park is probably the most beautiful park in the area and my favorite part is if u go out there at 1100 on a weekday, I am the only one there. I have an entire world class course to myself to enjoy. What a gem!!
Kensington MetroparkToboggan Course › May 26, 2014
What can I say about the Toboggan course that hasn't already been said. Crown Jewel of courses in Michigan for sure. Now that all the Russian Olives have been removed it really has a country club feel. I think Kensington Metropark is missing out on a big stream of income here. If they planted grass all around where they removed the brush and put the course in 6 months per year they could easily charge 10 buck for a day pass to play. It would be so sweet.
Stony Creek Metropark › July 14, 2012
A The new layout has a country club feel. The park has done a ├╝ber job at creating what I feel is one of te best courses in the state. They have cleared the fairways to keep a route available and trimmed where necessary to give people a chance to keep track of errent shots. Other courses around could take a lesson here. Great job!! World class course for sure!!!