David Bihl

Michigan, USA Righty driver - Backhand and forehand

David's reviews

Firefighters Park › September 23, 2014
The new tees are really nicely done and the course is much better with the changes that have been made. Wood chips around the tees and around the baskets would be a really big plus for this course as it has a tendency to be muddy. Nice course to play when you don't feel like looking for discs in the woods.
Addison Oaks County Park › May 27, 2014
I really love this course. Playing hole 1 and hole 4 are my favorites but the entire course just has a great flow to it. Woods, open shots short and long. The park is probably the most beautiful park in the area and my favorite part is if u go out there at 1100 on a weekday, I am the only one there. I have an entire world class course to myself to enjoy. What a gem!!
Kensington MetroparkToboggan Course › May 26, 2014
What can I say about the Toboggan course that hasn't already been said. Crown Jewel of courses in Michigan for sure. Now that all the Russian Olives have been removed it really has a country club feel. I think Kensington Metropark is missing out on a big stream of income here. If they planted grass all around where they removed the brush and put the course in 6 months per year they could easily charge 10 buck for a day pass to play. It would be so sweet.
Stony Creek MetroparkBlue course › July 14, 2012
A The new layout has a country club feel. The park has done a über job at creating what I feel is one of te best courses in the state. They have cleared the fairways to keep a route available and trimmed where necessary to give people a chance to keep track of errent shots. Other courses around could take a lesson here. Great job!! World class course for sure!!!