Vern Lepine

Ontario, Canada Righty - backhand

Vern's albums

Toronto Island   1 picture
Christie Lake   1 picture
Bayside Belleville   5 pictures
Bronte Creek   19 pictures
Sandy Hollow,Barrie Ont Pams first ace   14 pictures
Pam lovely ace
The Ice Storm   19 pictures
South River   24 pictures
E.T.SETON   19 pictures
2013 DGI Champions   4 pictures
2013 Kintail Open   6 pictures
2013 T.I.O   39 pictures
sherkston Resort   37 pictures
Nate Doss wins the Pro Division at the 2012 Toronto Isand Maple Leaf Tourney   98 pictures
The Americans won 5 out of six events Open Nate Doss Masters Gregg Hosfeld Advanced Andrew Culiton Open Women Valarie Jenkins Advanved Women Leah Taylor
The Rock/NFL   56 pictures
Hope Well Rocks,NB   38 pictures
Mont Ham Mont Ham,Qc   29 pictures
Parc Ignace Bourget Qc   15 pictures
Ettyville/Ottawa   34 pictures
Orleans/Ottawa   14 pictures
Kanata,Ottawa   19 pictures
The Shire,Carp Ont   20 pictures
Redeau Acres,Kingston   18 pictures
Homewood Orilia   22 pictures
Toronto Island Open   90 pictures
Christie Lake Spring Fling   43 pictures
Great tournament on a fantastic course
E.T Seton Toronto, On   36 pictures
Farmview,Newmarket,ON   26 pictures
Centennial Park   31 pictures
22 Birdwalk Sundre Alb   25 pictures
Bayside's Back Nine   18 pictures
Hardwood Hills/Barrie   46 pictures
The Capital Classic   61 pictures
E.T. Seton Park in Toronto   47 pictures
Awesome new course right in Toronto.
Cedarvale Park   30 pictures
White Spruce Pines   36 pictures
Hockley Valley Resort   21 pictures
Steen Park (Aylmer, On   27 pictures
West Lorne Disc Golf Course/Miller Park   10 pictures
Most of the baskets are missing :) but a nice Park
Waterworks   31 pictures
V.A Barrie   40 pictures
1998 Joseph Davis State Park Lewiston N.Y   1 picture
Shultzy and the boys talked me into going and i won my first U,S,A tournament.
1998 Bronte Creek   41 pictures
Won very first tournament as amateur .