Rick Saffeels

Oregon, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Main course

2013 Par 62 Layout · 18 holes · Par 62 Played once

60 Best score
Friends' best scores
160Rick Saffeels
160brian g
361Kalib A.
462Slick Willie
462Jonathan Long
462Mr. Snap
763Adin Nelson
763- scottishrob -
763Jason "Rooster" Bruster
763Grape Ape
1164Dallas Trower
1164Nat Dick
1366Steven Winslow
1366Brian Hausotter
1667Jessie Sanders
1667Jesse Walker
1868Miles Murray
1970Erik Gyllenskog
2071Aaron Summers
2172Joe chase
2273Dennis "Swami" Swanson
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60.0 Average score
Friends' averages
160.0Rick Saffeels
263.8Grape Ape
365.6- scottishrob -
465.7Slick Willie
568.6Nat Dick
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Averages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
63.8Grape Ape
65.6- scottishrob -
65.7Slick Willie
68.0Don Alexander
68.6Nat Dick
Averages require 3+ rounds
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7 in long · 18 holes · Par 61 Not played

Best score
Friends' best scores
156Shaun Kirk
156Dallas Trower
357Hayden Rue
461Brian Cole
461Erik "Easy E" Etherton
662Carl Boje
662Will Wagman
662Steve Jones
662brian g
1164Rud Adam
1265Ira B
1366Slick Willie
1366- scottishrob -
1366Lucky .
1668Kalib A.
1771Mike Wilson
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Average score
Friends' averages
159.0Shaun Kirk
266.8Rud Adam
369.7Slick Willie
Averages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
59.0Shaun Kirk
61.3Jake La "Putt" ka
62.8Brandon H
66.3Paul Fraser
66.8Rud Adam
69.7Slick Willie
69.8Don Alexander
Averages require 3+ rounds

Par 62 w/ 7 & 14 long. · 18 holes · Par 62 Not played

Best score
Friends' best scores
161Kalib A.
Average score
Friends' averages
162.7Kalib A.
Averages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
62.7Kalib A.
Averages require 3+ rounds

Regular tees · 18 holes · Par 60 Played once

67 Best score
Friends' best scores
150Slick Willie
253Shaun Kirk
356Dallas Trower
457Hayden Rue
558Jason S
558- scottishrob -
760Chase Estep
760Rud Adam
760Buck Wise
1061Page Jenkins
1061Ian Clark-Williams
1061brian g
1462Carl Boje
1563Brian Cole
1563Aaron Swank
1563Tim "Skip" Becker
1966Jessie Sanders
1966Nat Dick
2167Rick Saffeels
2167Grape Ape
2167Kalib A.
2568Jason "Rooster" Bruster
2670Will Wagman
2670Steven Winslow
2871Robert 'straight shooter' Jones
2977Bill Harpster
3082- The Corbinator -
3185Ira B
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67.0 Average score
Friends' averages
157.8Shaun Kirk
260.0Dallas Trower
362.0- scottishrob -
362.0Jason S
562.7Chase Estep
663.3Tim "Skip" Becker
763.6Slick Willie
865.2Carl Boje
965.3Aaron Swank
1165.8Rud Adam
1267.0Rick Saffeels
1370.0Kalib A.
1471.3Steven Winslow
1671.6Jessie Sanders
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Averages require 3+ rounds
Similar averages
45.3Roy Albert
57.8Shaun Kirk
59.2Billy Gaskill
59.7Charlie Norris
60.0Dallas Trower
60.6Mark Harryman
61.6Brandon H
62.0Jason S
62.0- scottishrob -
62.3Travis Head
62.7Chase Estep
62.9Jonathan Smith
63.3Tim "Skip" Becker
63.5Lance Jones
63.6Slick Willie
63.7Ian Sepkovic
64.4Michael "Parker" Ray
64.7Jesse Lamb
65.2Carl Boje
65.3Aaron Swank
65.8Rud Adam
66.3Danial Schmidt
66.4Nate Graff
67.0Joe Mendenhall
67.1Don Alexander
67.3Will Odom
69.1David Pittman
70.0Kalib A.
71.3Steven Winslow
71.6Jessie Sanders
75.4John Hodgkins
75.7Doug Morgan
85.0Nichola Landry
Averages require 3+ rounds
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