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Rick Saffeels    May 26 at 4:13pm

Please respond to Nate Sexton if you are trying to come to the McBeast challenge so he can get a head count! June 9th cash only! https://www.facebook.com/events/420540968129200/


Rick Saffeels    May 20 at 11:36pm

I still have 2 Dynamic Disc Recruits for sale $180 only been used at the DGLA Oregon Series Championship. I fell like with the strong 26 chains they catch better than most baskets I've ever played on! I bought my own and love it. Message me if you want one!

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Steve Jones   May 21 at 11:38am

ok ill tell him

Rick Saffeels   May 22 at 3:00am

Tell him I can meet this weekend or something! Can you messages his phone number? Thanks!

Rick Saffeels   May 26 at 4:07pm

All sold Out :)

Michael Kochendorfer    May 17 at 12:49pm

Hey Rick, I know its still early but are you going to be posting the scores from yesterday on DG Scene? And is there a place you will be posting photos and stuff as well? Thanks alot.

Rick Saffeels   May 17 at 2:14pm

I just posted a comment on the DGLA board. Check it out :) thanks!

Michael Kochendorfer   May 18 at 10:01am

Cool thank you

Rick Saffeels    May 11 at 9:48pm

Okay! The official words are in! I got to talk to Nate Sexton over the past 4 months to come during his off days to do a clinic or tournament and MCBEAST CHALLENGE IS COMING TO ADAIR Tuesday, JUNE 9th sign ups starting at 4pm! Woot woot!!

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William Beus   May 12 at 7:07pm

So it's a sign up day of event?!? Did I read that right?

Rick Saffeels   May 12 at 7:16pm


brian g   May 12 at 11:05pm

awesome, something not on a weekend!

Rick Saffeels    May 2 at 3:16pm

I'll be at Woodmansee at 1:45pm with the Salem Academy team if anyone wants to join us for a round in the sun!

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   May 2 at 9:07pm

i had a blast today. if you ever need some help let me know. highschool disc golf will most likely be the key to getting our city on board with disc golf. thanks for the great work rick

Steve Moore   May 2 at 9:21pm

Thanks for joining in and glad you enjoyed it. It is the future of our sport and glad to be involved with it. Long time coming. !st inter high school event coming up in few weeks between Salem Acadamy and Newberg High school. Let's all support the cause, Thanks

Justin "ugh massa" Stinson   May 2 at 11:27pm

absolutely steve

Zac Teuscher    April 20 at 6:54pm

You did what yesterday?!
awesome ace Rick!

Rick Saffeels   April 21 at 4:06pm

Thanks man :) yeah pretty crazy to get hole 11 in the long. Thank you sir :)

Christopher Fanger    March 5 at 1:47am

Nice ace Rick!!!!!

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Christopher Fanger   April 16 at 1:57am

i get one a year and already used it haha

brian g   April 16 at 2:17am

nice job! im jealous!

Rick Saffeels   April 16 at 2:54am

But Chris you got the very first Wheatland Ace! And Brian...It was with your Old blue Camo stamped Orange Stalker! Thanks Brian!

Jeff "MaxPsych" Heltsley    March 4 at 6:57pm

Congrats on the ace my friend.

Rick Saffeels   March 4 at 11:26pm

Thanks buddy! It's been too long since we've played :)

Jeff "MaxPsych" Heltsley   March 5 at 3:06pm

I tore my right calf muscle 3/4 of the way through in early January. I am mending but it is slow going. Hope to be able to throw a disc soon. To much sunshine out there.

Rick Saffeels   March 5 at 6:52pm

Aww man sorry to hear! :( that's probably why I haven't seen you

Doug "Stronghammer" Morgan    March 4 at 3:01am

Congrats on the Ace Rick

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Mr CLEAN   March 4 at 10:43pm

"ON THE WINGS ON AN EAGLE"... STRAIT TO THE BUCKET! 435FT WOW! i may need to spend a few weeks saying my hail marry's and get "HIM" on my side! but realy after 6 long years of hukin could anything help my game...?

Rick Saffeels   March 4 at 11:28pm

Not sure on the feet...since its the new course but I I'm pretty sure its only like 280 feet it was a Thumber at Corban... the down hill one is 435 maybe, but thanks :)

Matt Bressler   March 5 at 3:16pm

Either way nice ace man!

Matt Bressler    February 24 at 12:19pm

Congrats on your sponsorship. GOOD LUCK!

Rick Saffeels   February 24 at 4:31pm

Thanks Matt!

Rick Saffeels    February 13 at 10:41pm

Registration Opened for 144 players for Elkhorn Golf Course B-Tier! http://www.4discgolf.com/15DGLA


Rick Saffeels    February 4 at 10:17pm

Missing my Orange CV dyed Discraft Flick disc. Not sure if someone picked it up somewhere but I'd sure love to have it back. Dyed by Lee, it is a favorite disc of mine. Number is on it so thanks :)

Mr CLEAN   February 5 at 12:34pm

ITS JUST PLASTIC...all replacable...infact im prepared for this...have another orange flick ready to get dyed with CV... just give me the green light and a D2?

Rick Saffeels   February 5 at 1:26pm

Really? Cool! What weight? I've only thrown DD2 discmania? Never thrown a D2 is that Prodigy?

Mr CLEAN   February 6 at 11:28am

prodigy dealer and you dont thro prodigy... D2 is prodigy and i love there plastic, the D2 seems tobe hard to get ahold of?

Nate Upton    February 2 at 5:58pm

Damn man, killing it in last year

Rick Saffeels   February 2 at 7:02pm

Well, God gets the glory for my throwing, and my wife being on board to let me :) thanks though.

- Myk Nemeth -    February 1 at 6:10pm


Rick Saffeels   February 1 at 6:11pm

Thanks, but you're the one that saw the line.... ;) hahaha! Great playing with ya again! We will hopefully take that 1st place next year. One stroke = so close

Adam Geise    February 1 at 12:41am

Nice Ace!

Rick Saffeels   February 1 at 10:06am

Thanks :) it was pretty fortunate to have skip Thumber go in :)

Dru "Stylez"   February 1 at 1:28pm


William Beus    January 21 at 9:34pm

Awesome ace! Was it in the field or behind the trees???

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Brad Rich   January 22 at 4:05pm


The Ronin   January 22 at 4:44pm

^^ lol ^^

brian g   January 22 at 5:47pm

im still jealous :)

Erik Lukehart    January 20 at 2:07pm

Hey Rick, can you bring an extra black light for me tonight? If you have one for sale.

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Rick Saffeels   February 2 at 8:54pm

He won dubs yesterday at Woods with Brent Cameron

Brad Rich   February 3 at 1:18pm

oh word. forgot it was there on sunday

Erik Lukehart   February 7 at 4:57pm

Thanks Rick. It was Brent that killed it. 60' put on 9 for a bird.

Mr CLEAN    January 13 at 12:09am

where can we find pics of the tourney from CV?
I met Donnie today at corban... friend of yours?

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Mr CLEAN   January 13 at 12:35am

dam yeah this pic everywhere! even on my facebook. i hate it for few reasons.. 1st off his drive was ****, we took mine whitch was money through the skinny route, but #2 mainly is the guy taken the pics comes up all polite and says can i take your pics? do you mind, instantly the tool in the back&l ... more

Mr CLEAN   January 13 at 12:36am

where can we view all the other pics? o know there is a bunch out there...

Rick Saffeels    January 11 at 10:22pm

Well, I left my 2x Champion Roc3 somewhere yesterday...Adair, Woodmansee, don't know...had my number but it's cool...does anyone have a new or used one that they would like to trade or sell? Looking only for +175G and Orange :) thanks!

Rick Saffeels   January 12 at 10:49am

Got one thanks!

Dru "Stylez"    January 9 at 6:19pm

10 in a row is "G" Bro!

Rick Saffeels   January 10 at 2:27am

Thanks Dru :) but it's probably because you haven't showed up yet :)

Dru "Stylez"   January 10 at 3:59pm


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175g - used

Orange- Hyzer flip bomb

400s D2

174g - new

Orange - Hopeful to see this be my go to bomber

400G D4

174g - new

Orange - Long distance tail wind driver

C-Line DD2

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Star Destroyer

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Orange - Huk Lab stable bomber and flicks


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Orange - Over-stable back hand and flick

C-Line PD2

175g - used

Orang GLOW - Forehand and backhand Hyzer finish

Elite Z Stalker

175g - used

Orange - Understable glide Hyzer finish

Champion Starfire

175g - new

GLOW - Thumb-a-Tom-a-hawks


175g - new

Orange - great all purpose driver for placement shots; hyzer finish

Limited Edition Crystal Z Buzzz

177g - new

Orange - Wheatland DGC Fundraiser disc

Ken Climo ProLine Roc

176g - new

Orange - New driver? Maybe

Champion Roc3

175g - new

Orange - The Path is Straight and Narrow


177g - new

Orange - Rainbow stamp sick mid flick and stable back

Yeti Pro Aviar

175g - new

Orange - Putter Gold

XT Colt

175g - used

Orange - understable putter for upshots and drives


175g - new

Orange - Driving putter for tailwind placement shots

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