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-9 45
Jul 17
Women's League Private Course · St. Johns, MI
Longs and Shorts, 18 holes Doubles
-5 51
Jun 30
Reed Park · North Star, MI
Regular tees, 18 holes Doubles
+1 57
Jun 23
Reed Park · North Star, MI
Regular tees, 18 holes Doubles


Nate Upton    July 15 at 3:31pm

Sorry, that's #30041


Nate Upton    July 15 at 3:30pm

Just in case you havent voted yet.... Vote for write-in candidate Mark Stephens #530041 for Michigan's State Director!

Adam Geise   July 16 at 12:31am

This this this. Good reminder. You can still vote. If you didnt get an email you cant contact the pdga for a ballot.

Harold Fernando    July 10 at 11:24am

when u gonna come and play fitz? nine cement pads are in!

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Harold Fernando   July 15 at 6:48pm

Yea he wants me and Jim to come out there sometime. Still don't know where he lives.

Nate Upton   July 15 at 6:53pm

I can get you there if you can get to my house, its super easy. shoot me a text and ill get you an address.

Nate Upton   July 15 at 6:53pm

there were 17 people last time.

ROGUE RIDER    July 10 at 1:59am

bro I love how your bag of disc is described...**** YEAH! that's how we do!

ROGUE RIDER   July 10 at 2:00am

hope the leg is good as new and the game is better than ever

Nate Upton   July 10 at 8:41am

Ha, had to give credit where it is due

ROGUE RIDER   July 14 at 1:27pm

my brotha from anotha motha...

Brendan Cleary    July 9 at 10:27am

Thanks man! How's your foot by the way?

Nate Upton   July 9 at 10:34am

better, I'm starting to play again. should be all ready for states next month.

Brendan Cleary   July 9 at 11:10am

Hell yeah man. Ill hit ya up next time im comin down through reed and we can throw a round

Nate Upton   July 9 at 11:12am

sounds good man

Thomas "T" D.    July 1 at 5:38pm

Hey Nate!! I am curious about the League play back East. You know of any Year-round League that has 70-80 players each league day or more than 100 players in one scored and posted round of a single league? Let me know ASAP!! Thanks! DGLA Co-operative not withstanding because it is a co-op league. No offense to DGLA.

Nate Upton   July 1 at 7:34pm

there are a couple of summer leagues that can come close, but winters are so brutal here that participation drops a lot. but it seems like every course here has its own club and league, there arent too many traveling leagues like you guys have.

Thomas "T" D.   July 1 at 9:15pm

Thanks Buddy!! I appreciate the help!!

ROGUE RIDER    June 25 at 11:55pm

bro I know you live by the pole cat... so im at pioneer park with the kidos ridding our bikes around and I see this guy n his son throwing the course. like most/all father son, they throw a lot alike... mostly flicking. pioneer you know short course, great family course. so we stop pedaling around for a bit so my kids can swim in the creek for a sec and then jump on there bikes again...any how off topic... the dad and son swing by and course I say hello shake hand with the two gents and chat it ... more

ROGUE RIDER   June 25 at 11:58pm


AGRO JACKSON   June 26 at 5:15am

hope he is a lefty... hehe

Nate Upton   June 26 at 8:47am

That's awesome man, until that kid beats me in a tournament, haha

ROGUE RIDER    June 19 at 10:44pm

howz the ankle brotha? had a package delivered to my door today... gona savor this one and open it sat b4 the tourney "gov cup".

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Nate Upton   June 21 at 12:43pm

Much love man. She'll do you well and that coral is loaded with good karma, good luck today buddy!

Thomas "T" D.   June 22 at 12:52am

A really big THANKYOU as well Nate, for the sweet plastic you sent with Lee's Goodie Bag. Sorry to miss a second round with you today, Lee. Thanks to you for getting the discs to me. You gentlemen,...ROCK!!!

ROGUE RIDER   June 22 at 1:37am

my new bag totaly rocks! so cumfy and sexy! HELLZ YEAH!!! thank gawd there is more DG'ers like us... instead of more complete idiots like steve winslow!

Thomas "T" D.    June 16 at 12:03pm

Glad you like the Goodie Bag, Nate!! I already have another one to send back East.Wish I had a better color selection for the mini's but they went fast.

Nate Upton   June 16 at 1:35pm

Color doesn't matter anyway man, that coozie is killer too!

Nate Upton    June 15 at 2:37pm

updated my bag finally, weird going to a smaller bag.

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Nate Upton   June 16 at 7:46am

close, innova starter bag. I have a new bag coming, but until I can walk right, small is the best I can do.

Tialor Byrne   June 16 at 9:54pm

word im just glad your doing ok brother

Nate Upton   June 17 at 10:50am

you still have that black Lat64 bag?

ROGUE RIDER    June 15 at 3:02am

shotgunned a beer in your honor when I seen you not only posted a score but won league too... GREAT DAY FOR DISCIN!!!

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Tialor Byrne   June 15 at 12:27pm

good stuff buddy

Thomas "T" D.   June 15 at 1:59pm

Atta boy, Nate!! Congrats on the League win!!

Nate Upton   June 15 at 2:17pm

Thanks guys, gonna try a harder league tomorrow, so i can get better idea about how im playing. Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Thomas "T" D.    June 11 at 6:56pm

Hows the foot/ankle healing up, Nate?? If you're not out throwing yet, I hope its soon.

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Nate Upton   June 11 at 7:56pm

he'll yeah man, be sporting a new bag around Tuesday or Wednesday.

ROGUE RIDER   June 11 at 8:06pm

so excited... ill drink to that!

Thomas "T" D.   June 11 at 9:09pm

I have a mini set with your name on it and its in the mail tomorrow morning, Nate. I'll see what else I can come up with to make the package a bit sweeter than just a mini set. I'll get with Lee to check out the new gear he's got. Thanks in advance and you can never get too much putting practice.

Nate Upton    June 2 at 5:34pm

If anyone in the Lansing area is looking for a new bag, I'm selling my Lat64 Pro bag for $50. I have Quad Shocks for it also that I'd add for an additional $15. Pic is on my profile.

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Nate Upton   June 4 at 7:00am

I got it buddy, thanks man.

ROGUE RIDER   June 7 at 7:08pm


Nate Upton   June 7 at 8:11pm

sweet, I saw most of the Prodigy women's team play today. ill grab you something cool

ROGUE RIDER    May 13 at 12:11pm

how ya doing ? hope ya healing up good homboi

Nate Upton   May 13 at 5:33pm

Getting healed, its no fun watching my friends post scores when I can't play

ROGUE RIDER   June 7 at 7:10pm


Thomas "T" D.    May 5 at 7:00pm

Damn Darth!! I'm feelin the disturbance in the Force, then I get the disc and mini you sent thru Lee and HELL'S YEAH!!! Thank you for such a sweet set of disc's, Nate!! Three months will go by fast so just heal up.

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ROGUE RIDER   May 13 at 12:10pm

that super color buzz & mini are F~ing sick!

Thomas "T" D.   May 13 at 12:46pm

Highlights of my collection of plastic. Thank you Nate and Lee!!

Nate Upton   May 13 at 5:32pm

Glad you like em TD, that's our state tournament discs for this year

Nate Upton    May 5 at 5:44pm

Got my steel plate in today, I'm one stwp closer to becoming Darth Vader! Now I have 3 months of recovery.


Nate Upton    April 18 at 10:48pm

Broke my ankle , out of commision for a bit

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Nate Upton   April 19 at 12:02pm

I'm gonna put a pic of it on my profile, gonna try to heal up for the Gratiot Open

ROGUE RIDER   April 19 at 12:49pm

bro that ankle look terrible... good luck with the down time! F~ing sucks sorry that happened

RED Jon' Burns   April 19 at 1:06pm

That's ****ty sorry to hear bro.

Joe Rutkowski    April 8 at 8:35pm

You going to be at Victory Park Saturday?

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Nate Upton   April 11 at 4:52am

I was looking forward to another quad circle 14 too

Joe Rutkowski   April 11 at 7:40am

Hate to hear that. Actually I was looking forward to seeing you 4 it :) I have been playing that hole in my head for the past month. I know what disc I am going to use for each throw. I know where my landings zones are, now I just have to execute. Not going to be the same without you.

Nate Upton   April 11 at 9:16am

I don't even know which disc I threw there, the only one I know is that my Halo made it over. Then I gave it away the next round.

Thomas "T" D.    March 26 at 9:14pm

Pretty busy with the tourney wins, Nate. Congrats!!

Nate Upton   March 26 at 9:19pm

I blew my streak, but Christina's streak lives on. Look this course up, hole 9 is epic!

Nate Upton   March 26 at 9:20pm

And after your course record, you are too kind my friend.

Thomas "T" D.   March 26 at 9:41pm

The course pics are pretty nice! I have an ESP/FLX Avenger SS that is perfect for hole 9. and you're too kind, thank you!!

Michele Ramon    March 26 at 8:23pm

Congrats on the win!! You own sleepy.

Nate Upton   March 26 at 8:46pm

Ha, after the Mush, I don't. B ut Christina does, I hope it holds true at Disc Girls.

ROGUE RIDER   March 26 at 10:09pm


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174g - new

Bad ass Calapooia hook up fro Rogue

Elite Z Avenger

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Old Batwing Avenger, stable when others arent

Elite Z Flash

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Extra stable, great head wind driver

Elite Z Flash

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Blue 1st run, super flat. another good look by Lee

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Pre Release, MF this thing hauls down wind

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Star Vulcan

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its a 1st run

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Cryztal Drone, CanyonView stamped, Rogue strikes again

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Oregon team stamped, hook up from T.D.

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Prototype, bad ass hook up fro Lee again.

ESP Torque

178g - new

What a Buzzz is supposed to do, this thing is bad ass

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BAD MONKEY!!!! my go to putter, another hook up from Rogue

DX Polecat

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all around sweetness

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