Nicholas Lalko

Michigan, USA Righty - backhand

Nicholas' reviews

Mt. HolidayMain course › October 1, 2013
Mt. HolidayCarly's Playground › October 1, 2013
Flip City › October 1, 2013
Seriously... Amazing... We took a disc golf camping trip and hit a ton of courses in Northern MI. This was just perfection. To keep this course up must take a ton of work. Bill your one of the greats!
Hickory Hills › October 1, 2013
Firefighters Park › September 30, 2013
Ira Township Park › September 30, 2013
Solid course. I am reviewing this based off of it only being 9 holes which does kinda suck but what can you do.. I used to live next to stony creek but moved out to Algonac so I have to make do. Anyway, I did enjoy this course, nice place to practice ur mid/putting skills. Few slight elevation changes and some hook shots with a few narroways. Overall fun quick course, I'd rec running through it twice b/c it only takes 25 mins to finish. Def needs T-pads and the baskets are light on chains. Worth a look though! I'd play again.
Stony Creek Metropark › September 4, 2013
Addison Oaks County Park › September 4, 2013
Been playing here for about 10 years now. I used to live down the street and now live in Algonac but I still make the drive to this course. Perfect mix of trick, long, straight, shots. You name it they got it. It's 10 bucks to play if you don't have Oakland County ID or a Parks pass. It's honestly worth the money. PERFECT!
River Bends › September 4, 2013
I honestly love this course (when it's kept up)... Question though, have all the baskets been put back in their respective spots? I remember playing early this year and quite a few holes were missing.